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Madonna News - October 2006

Jump video premiere on AOL Music

AOL Music is proud to debut Madonna’s latest video “Jump”.
Exclusive US Premiere of the brand new video from Madonna for the song ‘Jump,’ the fourth single from her platinum album, ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ on Warner Records.
The video for ‘Jump’ will intentionally channel the trashy, edgy, spontaneous ‘street’ sensibility of an amateur clip with Madonna giving an insider’s glimpse at an amazing underground cultural phenomenon of free running to the beat of a hot track. ‘Jump’ was filmed in Tokyo by director Jonas Akerlund.
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Madonna’s Rep Denies Reports of Adoption

“I can confirm Madonna is in Malawi on a private visit,” the singer’s publicist Liz Rosenberg said when contacted by Us Weekly. “She is building an orphanage and child care center and is involved in other initiatives geared toward helping children orphaned by Aids thru the Raising Malawi organization. She has not adopted a baby despite reports that she has.”
Earlier today, Reuters reported that the singer adopted a 1-year-old baby boy from the African nation of Malawi. The Associated Press also reports that Madonna is considering adoption.
source : usweekly

Madonna adopts baby boy in Malawi

Pop diva Madonna adopted a young boy in Malawi on Wednesday and moved ahead with plans to fund a center for 1,000 orphans, many of whom lost parents to AIDS in the impoverished African nation.
The “Material Girl” and an entourage arrived in the Malawian capital Lilongwe by private plane early on Wednesday and were quickly whisked away to an undisclosed location in a fleet of cars and trucks.
Government officials said the 48-year-old singer, already a mother of two, chose the one-year-old orphan from among 12 children specially chosen prior to her arrival in the country, which has legions of children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.
“She asked us to identify boys only, which we have done after visiting four orphanages in Lilongwe,” government spokeswoman Adrina Michiela said. Michiela said Madonna had wanted to adopt a girl but changed her mind two weeks ago.
It was unclear whether Madonna, for whom Malawi waived its ban on non-resident adoptions, would leave the country with her adopted baby or whether they would be reunited at a later date.
The trip has stoked high expectations in Malawi, a nation of 13 million people who are dependent on tobacco exports.
Madonna has said she plans to spend at least $3 million on programs to support orphans in Malawi and another $1 million to fund a documentary about the plight of children in the country.
She traveled to Mphandula, a village 20 km (12.5 miles) outside Lilongwe, where she is funding the construction of the Raising Malawi center to feed and educate around 1,000 orphans.
Residents in Mphandula, which has no electricity, were earlier busy rehearsing songs and preparing for her arrival.
Critics have described the project as a publicity stunt that follows in the footsteps of other celebrities, including actress Angelina Jolie, who have taken up causes on the world’s poorest continent.
As part of their studies, orphans at the center will be taught a curriculum based on Spirituality for Kids linked to the Kabbalah school of mysticism to which Madonna adheres.
source : reuters

Madonna in Malawi, plans to adopt child, says official

Blantyre (Malawi), Oct. 4 (AP): Madonna arrived in Malawi today on a humanitarian mission to help orphans and the underprivileged in the impoverished southern African nation.
The pop star and an entourage of 10 people landed on a private plane in the capital, Lilongwe, just after 9 am (1230 hours). The visit had not been announced.
Andrina Mchiela, Secretary to the Minister for Gender and Child Welfare, said Madonna planned to adopt a Malawian child during her visit.
She is also meant to fund six projects to benefit underprivileged children, including setting up an orphanage.
Madonna earlier this year announced plans to raise at least USD 3 million for programmes to support the nearly 1 million children in Malawi who have lost parents to AIDS. Malawi is among the poorest countries in the world, hit by years of drought as well as an AIDS epidemic.
Madonna joins a growing list of stars who have focused their attention on Africa, the world’s poorest continent, including Bono, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.
source : ap

Madonna in Malawi to adopt child

Pop diva Madonna arrived in Malawi today to adopt an African child and fund an orphan centre for 1000 children, many of whom lost parents to AIDS.
A fleet of cars and trucks specially flown in whisked the star and her entourage to an undisclosed location soon after their private plane landed at Lilongwe.
“She came straight from the plane, greeted the minister (of women and development) in the VIP lounge, then (went) straight to her car,”? said Adrina Michiela, a government spokeswoman.
Madonna’s trip has stoked high expectations in Malawi, an impoverished nation of 13 million people who are dependent on tobacco exports. The country, like others in the region, has been decimated socially and economically by AIDS.
Madonna has said she plans to spend at least $US3 million ($4 million) on programs to support orphans in Malawi and another $US1 million ($1.35 million) to fund a documentary about the plight of children in the country.
source : reuters

The English Roses – Too Good To Be True – Press Release

The English Roses - Too Good To Be True

Callaway Arts & Entertainment is pleased to announce the October 24th release of Madonna’s The English Roses: Too Good to Be True, the sequel to 2003’sb est-selling The English Roses,which debuted at No.1on the New YorkTimes’ children’s bestseller list.

Madonna will celebrate the release of Too Good to BeTruewith a reading at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York City. The children’s book author and artist will also make a select number of television appearances in support of the book. The English Roses: Too Good to BeTruewill be donated to Raising Malawi

All of Madonna’sproceeds from (, an orphan-care initiative. In support of the charity, Callaway has published a limited edition of the book in Chichewa, the official language of Malawi, which Madonna will distribute to children when she visits the country in November.

Too Good to Be Truecontinues the story of the English Roses, five girls who are the best of friends. In this next installment, their friendship is tested by the arrival of a new student, Dominic de la Guardia, whose dashing looks and charming manners have them vying for his attention. The colorful 64-page jacketed hardcover is stylishly illustrated by Stacy Peterson.

Publisher Nicholas Callaway remarks, “The first English Roses book captured the imagination of a The English Roses: Too Good to Be True,Madonna now takes us farther into the worldwide audience. With lives of these five charming friends with an insightful tale about the joys and difficulties of experiencing one’sfirst crush.”? The English Rosesand The English Roses: Too

Callaway will publish a limited-edition deluxe boxed set of Good to Be True exclusively for The set will include a signed letter from Madonna and a The English Roses,perfect signed print by illustrator Stacy Peterson. Additionally, a miniature edition of
for gift-giving and with a glittery cover,will be released this holiday season.

Madonna made publishing history with the global release of The English Roses, published simultaneously in 30 languages in more than 100 countries in 2003. It became the fastest-selling book written by a first-time children’s author and stayed on the New York Times’ children’s bestseller list for 18 weeks. The English Rosesis now available in 40 languages worldwide. Her following four booksMr. and Lotsa de Cashaare also Peabody’s Apples, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, The Adventures of Abdi, worldwide bestsellers.

The English Roses - Too Good To Be True

In the United States, The English Roses: Too Good to Be True is published by Callaway Arts &
Entertainment and distributed by Penguin Young Readers Group. Foreign rights are licensed by The Wylie Agency, New York and London. Callaway Arts & Entertainment is a leading creator of family entertainment properties across all media, including book publishing, animated entertainment, and children’s lifestyle products. The company’s hugely successful Miss Spider series, created by David Kirk, has sold more than 5 million books and inspired
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends,acomputer-animated television series that airs weekday
mornings on Nickelodeon, and the Sunny Patch