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Gossip : Madonna – Thank Bob for baby

Madonna has sent sir Bob Geldof a heartfelt thank-you letter for inspiring her to adopt an African baby.
I can reveal that charity campaigner Sir Bob was the key man behind Madge’s decision to pluck little David Banda from poverty in Malawi.
And as a sign of her gratitude, she has secretly made a huge donation to Sir Bob’s Band Aid charity for Africa. The pair chatted about Africa after he persuaded Madge to perform at last year’s Live 8 concert in London’s Hyde Park.
Now the Queen Of Pop has told pals she would never have visited Malawi if Sir Bob had not told her about the country’s plight.
And she credits him with helping her to extend her family.
She has also promised to support Bob at the drop of a hat if he ever needs her influence on a new charity campaign.
Madonna was shocked at the backlash she suffered after she returned to the UK with baby David last month. After donating millions of pounds to fight poverty in Malawi she was accused by her critics of “buying”? her African child.
But the Material Girl didn’t think lightly about the adoption and spent hours discussing her plans with Sir Bob.
A source close to Madonna said: “She feels that she is forever in Sir Bob’s debt for having introduced her to the country where she eventually met her beloved son.
“She is extremely grateful to him for bringing David into her life and feels she owes him a lot.
“Madonna and Sir Bob fell out a little bit after he announced she would be performing at Hyde Park before she had agreed to the gig.
“But that is all forgotten now. It was a flash in the pan and Madonna has never regretted doing the show.”?
The source added: “She has now made a very generous donation to the Band Aid charity through her own Ray Of Light Foundation.
“She also sent Bob a lovely personal thank-you letter to extend her gratitude to him.
“And she gave him a huge bundle of photos that she and her husband Guy had taken while they were in Malawi.
“She thought Bob would appreciate them.”?
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