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Madonna News - November 2006

Madonna on Billboard Charts – 12022006

Top Electronic Albums :
06 (06) Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor

Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles :
— (05) Madonna – Jump

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump
26 (23) Madonna – Get Together
50 (44) Madonna – Sorry

Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
24 (25) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
05 (01) Madonna – Jump

Dance Radio Airplay :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump
07 (06) Madonna – Get Together
13 (13) Madonna – Sorry
16 (16) Madonna – Hung Up

A Tribute to Madonna’s Current and Former Selves

Will Madonna ever get old? She may acquire more gravitas, continue to mature emotionally, find greater meaning in her work with Kaballah, but will she ever look arthritic, puffy, menopausal? This increasingly seems doubtful. Madonna no longer re-invents, she maintains.
It is the sheer spectacularity of her physical form, the near menacing force of it, and that alone largely, that sustains your attention in Confessions on a Dance Floor,”? the two-hour film of a concert she gave at the Wembley arena in London this past summer, which was broadcast on NBC Wednesday night and will be re-shown on Bravo. With each tour Madonna has embarked on in recent years, her deltoids seem to grow more regally expansive and robust, and her arms more wing-like. Toward the end of the Wembley show, part of a worldwide tour pegged to her album “Confessions on a Dance Floor”? Madonna sings one of its hits, “Hung Up,”? about a woman who migrates between boredom and agony as she waits for a man to call. But who could this man possibly be? Unless Madonna is expecting a call from Wladimir Klitschko, about meeting him in the boxing ring, the sight of her affecting weakness leaves you feeling as you would if you were forced to watch Ethel Mermen impersonate Chet Baker.
“Confessions on a Dance Floor” pays tribute to Madonna’s current and former selves with dizzying jump cuts and all the spectacle the acrobatics, playground sets, 600 costume changes ” that have become the hallmark of her concerts.
Today, Madonna, 47, is a concerned citizen of the world. She has made African AIDS orphans one of her causes and recently adopted a baby from Malawi, causing some controversy. At one point in the concert she sings “Live to Tell”? against the backdrop of various images of children in Africa and a speeding tally of the number who have been left parentless. But here again, her perfect musculature produces a kind of dissonance. Madonna doesn’t have an altruist’s body, she has a denier’s. What you’re tallying in your head when you watch her dance with the strength and agility of a 19-year old, are the number of hours she is spending each day practicing ashtanga, running hills, bench-pressing the weight of a Regency table. You are counting all the calories Madonna is not eating.
In addition to keeping up her legendary physical regimen, Madonna now also rides horses on her country estate in England. Some have seen this as another aspect of her Anglo-philic pretensions, but really what is surprising is that it took her so long to cotton on to a sport so steeped in the dynamic of submission and control. Madonna the equestrian seems the most inevitable Madonna of all. Perhaps realizing that on some level, she opened her Wembley show looking as if she were about to ride in some re-imagining of Ascot. Madonna dances around, directing men on all fours before she rides an apparatus meant to look like an electric horse.
In “Confessions on a Dance Floor,”? Madonna travels back to the beginning of her career, before she was encumbered with the need to do good. The documentary “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret,”? which follows her on her 2004 world tour, reveals a Madonna who wants to learn all the time, who hugs her assistant and dancers, who wishes she had been nicer to people when she was young. Perhaps she knows that many in her audience miss the Madonna of so many Madonnas ago, the one who refused refinement and probably thought Oxford was just an insurance company.
“Confessions on a Dance Floor”? gets deeper and deeper into her early disco years as it progresses with Madonna getting in and out of a Saturday Night Fever tuxedo and Jane Fonda-aerobics gear before it’s all over, as if to tell us that sometimes, yes, she misses her, too.
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Muted Madonna on NBC tonight

Madonna goes front and center with her “Confessions Tour: Live” tonight on NBC.
The two-hour program, unavailable for review, was taped last summer in London. It has sparked particular interest over Madonna’s performance of “Live to Tell,” choreographed with her mounting a mirrored crucifix wearing a crown of thorns.
Religious groups protested NBC’s initial decision to show the number. Then last month the network announced it would use alternate camera angles so that Madonna isn’t viewed until after removing herself from the cross. Madonna had explained that the performance was meant to illustrate a theme of confession.
The tour is in support of Madonna’s most recent album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor.” The album’s latest single, “Jump,” (also on the soundtrack of “The Devil Wears Prada”) hit No. 1 on Billboard’s dance music chart earlier this month.
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SouthPark tree trumps Madonna on WCNC

Madonna fans tuning in for Wednesday’s concert on NBC will get a show they weren’t expecting — the annual tree lighting at SouthPark mall.
WCNC-TV (Channel 36) will pre-empt the network special for the annual ceremony at SouthPark, which the station has broadcast live for five years.
“We had a prior commitment with SouthPark,” said Stuart Powell, president and general manager of WCNC. “We’re not making a statement with this one.”
“Madonna: The Confessions Tour — Live From London” generated controversy when it was first announced because her live show includes a scene in which she sings “Live to Tell” while suspended from a cross.
Before NBC announced in October that the scene was cut from the special, WCNC got about 300 complaints from viewers, Powell said.
Because of the preemption, the station has gotten about 20 complaints, he said.
One was from Logan Smith of Charlotte, a fan who went to Philadelphia to catch Madonna’s latest tour. “I was a little upset,” Smith said. “I think people who are expecting it to see it on TV are going to be a little shocked.”
Powell said that WCNC had contacted NBC about running the Madonna special late at night, but the network had not responded as of Tuesday afternoon.
Originally, NBC had scheduled the two-hour concert to begin at 9 p.m., but when it was moved back to 8 p.m., it conflicted with the SouthPark broadcast, which the station had contracted to air long ago, Powell said. WCNC’s “Carolina Traveler” will air during the 9-10 p.m. hour tonight.
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Madonna Special will not air on Channel-3

WRCB announced today that the NBC local affiliate will not broadcast “Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live” – a two-hour special set to air tomorrow November 22, 2006. The special was taped this summer at Wembley Stadium in London, UK during Madonna’s worldwide sold-out 25-city “Confessions Tour” and has received local and national controversy concerning content.
WRCB-TV Channel 3 President and General Manager, Tom Tolar viewed the preview of the special late this morning and announced the station’s reluctance to air the content at 8pm.
“I believe the majority of viewers in our area would find the content inappropriate for the 8-10pm time period,” said Tom Tolar, WRCB’s President and General Manager . “Although the NBC network has edited the Madonna concert to take out a mock crucifixion scene, there are many questionable scenes and content remaining.”
WRCB is owned by Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. In addition to WRCB, Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. owns and operates KTVN-TV in Reno, Nevada; WAJI-FM and WLDE-FM in Ft. Wayne, Indiana; and WGCL-AM and WTTS-FM in Bloomington, Indiana. Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. headquarters are located in Bloomington, Indiana.
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Madonna Brings “The English Roses” to HSN

Just in time for the holidays, Madonna will make her TV shopping debut on HSN to promote an exclusive set of books from The English Roses, her successful children’s book series. Madonna recently sat down with HSN’s Callie Northagen to share candid details about the inspiration behind her newest book, The English Roses: Too Good To Be True, which will air on the shopping network and November 24, 25 and 26. HSN, an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ:IACI) , will donate a portion of the proceeds of the books to Raising Malawi (, an orphan-care initiative benefiting the children of Malawi in Africa. Madonna will donate all of her proceeds to the organization as well.
“Launching The English Roses book series and my new title, The English Roses: Too Good To Be True, through this broadcast is a great chance to reach millions of homes,” Madonna said.
“HSN is thrilled to be partnering with Madonna to support ‘Raising Malawi’ through the offering of her latest children’s book The English Roses: Too Good To Be True,” said Bill Brand, Senior Vice President of Programming at HSN. “These books are terrific holiday gifts that give back by supporting a worthwhile cause. Madonna’s appearance on HSN will provide our viewers with interesting details about her beautiful books and allow them to discover a completely different side of this extremely talented artist.”
HSN will offer the English Roses gift set (HSN item # 214-019) for $29.95, which includes: the original The English Roses and its sequel The English Roses: Too Good to Be True; Madonna Reads, an audio CD of Madonna reading the first five of her popular children’s books; and an exclusive, collectible 8 X 10 illustration. HSN show times are available online at
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Madonna on Access Hollywood

from Newsletter : Madonna will give an exclusive interview to Access Hollywood on November 21 and will discuss the show’s TV broadcast and her tour memories. Turn on your recorder and let the Queen Of The Dance Floor tell you more about it! Check local listings for interview times.

Madonna’s Case Postponed Again

The Malawian judge presiding over a legal challenge of Madonna’s recent adoption of baby David has postponed a ruling on the case, claiming he is too busy.
An alliance of 67 groups is challenging the interim adoption order granted to the singer and her husband Guy Ritchie last month. Madonna denies she used her wealth and influence to speed up the adoption process.
Last week Judge Andrew Chipeta in Lilongwe said he would wait till Monday to decide if the coalition have the legal right to challenge the adoption of the 14-month-old tot, whose biological father Yohane Banda is still alive.
However, Monday’s case has been postponed until next week.
Justin Dzonzi, lawyer for the groups, says, “The judge has not communicated to me or my colleague but we hear that he is very busy and he might rule next week.”
Chipeta delayed the case last week after Madonna’s local lawyer Alan Chinula said he needed more time to study the groups’ arguments.
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Father of Madonna’s Malawi baby remarries

Yohane Banda, the biological father of the Malawian toddler pop star Madonna wants to adopt, has remarried, a relative said today.
Banda’s cousin, Gedion Zimba, said the father of 13-month-old David married Flora Kamanga on Friday.
David was whisked away last month to London after Madonna and her husband, British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, were granted interim custody of him by a High Court judge.
Zimba said Banda, 32, married Kamanga, 22, at a low-key civil ceremony in his Lipunga Village in the central border district of Mchinji.
“It was a colourful ceremony. We are happy for him,”? he said.
Banda was not immediately available for comment.
Kamanga, who has a 2-year-old child from a previous relationship, is three months pregnant with Banda’s child.
In earlier interviews, Banda disclosed that he met Kamanga, from nearby Noti Village, in April this year.
“I was still mourning my wife but I thought it was high time I found a partner,”? he said.
Banda’s wife of 10 years Marita, 28, died on October 1, 2005, of childbirth complications a week after giving birth to David. The couple had two other sons – Garnet and Babel, but they both died in infancy from malaria.
Malawi’s High Court is to rule November 20 on a challenge by a coalition of human rights and child advocacy groups on the proceedings surrounding the adoption by Madonna.
The singer says she has met all the country’s requirements for adopting the child.
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