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Madonna News - November 2006

Madonna rubbishes new adoption reports

Madonna’s representative, Liz Rosenberg, told American publication Life & Style that the reports about 2nd adoption are false.
She says: “Madonna has stated that she wishes she could adopt all the children of Malawi, and in a way I guess she is, building her orphan care centre through the Raising Malawi Organisation.
“But there are no plans to actually adopt another child.”
source : irishexaminer

Best Selling Albums ever in UK – Madonna at #10

Britain’s biggest-selling album of all time has been named as Queen’s Greatest Hits, following a major study by researchers.
The Official UK Charts Company spent six months trawling through everything from hand-written till receipts from the 1950s to current chart sales to come up with the top 100.
Here’s the top 10:
1. Queen, Greatest Hits (5.4 million)
2. Beatles, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (4.8 million)
3. Oasis, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory (4.3 million)
4. Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms (3.95 million)
5. Abba Gold, Greatest Hits (3.94 million)
6. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (3.8 million)
7. Queen, Greatest Hits II (3.65 million)
8. Michael Jackson, Thriller (3.58 million)
9. Michael Jackson, Bad (3.55 million)
10. Madonna, The Immaculate Collection (3.4 million)

Madonna on Billboard Charts – 11252006

Top Electronic Albums :
06 (07) Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor

Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles :
05 (–) Madonna – Jump

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
01 (03) Madonna – Jump
23 (25) Madonna – Get Together
44 (43) Madonna – Sorry
— (46) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
25 (27) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
01 (01) Madonna – Jump

Dance Radio Airplay :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
01 (27) Madonna – Jump (NEW)
06 (08) Madonna – Get Together
13 (14) Madonna – Sorry
16 (12) Madonna – Hung Up

Like A Prayer on Time’s All-TIME 100 Albums list

album: Like a Prayer
year released: 1989
label: Sire/London/Rhino
artist: Madonna

This is the moment Madonna peaked as a pop star and mass media manipulator. First, the manipulation. In the title’s track’s video, Madonna kisses a saint, shows off some self-induced stigmata and dances in a field of burning crosses. Caving in to protests from religious groups, Pepsi pulled out of a Madonna sponsorship deal (she held on to a $5 million payday) and the whole episode generated enough publicity to ensure the album’s debut at No. 1. Brilliant. As it happens, so was the record. “Like a Prayer” was a genuinely soulful first single and “Express Yourself” merged Madonna’s dance sensibility with her strongest feminist message. Stephen Bray, Patrick Leonard and Prince (yes, that Prince) rescued the few middling tracks with production that elevated Madonna’s voice out of its early bubble gum phase and into something resembling a real instrument.
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source : time / hec from madonnanation

Gossip : Madonna to adopt Malawian girl

Madonna will adopt a second Malawian baby, as soon as one-year-old David Banda has settled into her family.
The singer and husband Guy Ritchie will return to the Lilongwe orphanage where they found David – and they have their heart set on adopting a girl next time around.
Madonna even wants to take biological children Lourdes, ten and six-year-old Rocco with her.
She says: “I’m going to adopt another Malawian child very quickly. A baby girl this time, in order to redress the balance.
“But first I would like to give Rocco and Lourdes a little time to get used to David.
“The next time I go Africa to visit the orphanage, I am going to take the children with me. I want to open their minds to the rest of the world.”
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Judge to rule next week in Madonna case

Malawi’s High Court said Monday it will rule in one week’s time whether a coalition of Malawian human rights and child advocacy groups should help decide whether pop star Madonna is fit to adopt a motherless Malawian toddler.
Justice Andrew Nyirenda adjourned the case after hearing arguments from a 67-member coalition that includes the state-run Malawi Human Rights Commission and maintains that the adoption proceedings have been irregular. His ruling was likely to have far-reaching consequences in a country where, largely due to AIDS, an estimated 2 million children have lost one or both parents and hundreds are adopted by foreigners every year.
Madonna has said she met all the country’s requirements. And David Banda’s father, who put the toddler in an orphanage shortly after his wife died of childbirth complications, has said the human rights group’s lawsuit threatens his son’s future. But child advocacy groups have said the lack of clarity in Malawi when it comes to foreign adoptions could be exploited by child traffickers or pedophiles.
source : ap

Gossip : Madonna working with Abba

Madonna is working with ABBA legends Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad on tracks for her new album. Abba fan Madge is deep in discussions with the pair about recording together on her follow-up to No1 album Confessions On A Dance Floor.
And even though Agnetha has lived like a virtual recluse and Frida hung up her high-heeled platform shoes years ago they have agreed to go into the studio.
This will be a truly massive collaboration of the music monarchy The Queen Of Pop and the original Dancing Queens joining forces.
It should be a sure-fire hit if Madge, seen going to the movies in London’s Mayfair, chooses to release their joint studio efforts as a single. A source said: “Madonna has been in contact with Agnetha and Frida for a few months.
“Madonna was the driving force behind the idea because she was so happy with her sample of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Hung Up.
“Agnetha and Frida loved it, they really warmed to Madonna for rejuvenating one of their most famous tracks.”?
My source revealed they will write and record together as soon as Madge, her producing partner Staurt Price and the ex Abba girls are all free.
Abba fellas Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson will not be involved but are believed to have given the plans the thumbs up.
Madonna made music history while writing Confessions together with Price, becoming the first artist ever to get permission to remix and sample an Abba track.
At the time she said: “I had to send my emissary to Stockholm with a letter and the record begging them and imploring them and telling them how much I worship their music, telling them it was a homage to them, which is all true.
“They could have said no. Thank God they didn’t.”?
Earlier this week I revealed Madonna provided a message on the sleevenotes for the Swedish supergroup’s Greatest Hits, which hit the shops on Monday.
She wrote: “Abba’s timeless music continues to inspire me. It’s joyous. Standing still when you hear Abba is impossible.
“When I started recording my Confessions On A Dance Floor album, Stuart Price and I played their music constantly. Hung Up is my homage to their contribution to music.”?
Madge is also working on fresh material with her ex Lenny Kravitz.
Price, Kravitz, Abba and Madge?
source : thesun

Madonna wants to be a film director

Madonna is turning her hand to directing – following in her husband’s footsteps.
The Evita star’s efforts in front of the camera have been panned by critics in the past.
But the singer, 48, said husband Guy Ritchie fully supported her plans to direct.
She told Kirsty Wark in a BBC interview: “From my perspective, you can say very little from a political point of view as an actress.
“The visionary in a film is the filmmaker so if I want to make an impact with a film, then I should direct one, not act in one.”
Asked whether she was going to direct, the Queen of Pop replied: “I’d like to, yeah.”
She added that she had a specific idea in mind but would not reveal details because “I don’t wanna jinx myself”.
Madonna said of her husband, who shot to fame at the helm of the gangster film Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels: “We’ve had discussions about it and he’s encouraged me to direct.”
In the interview, to be screened on BBC4 on Sunday, the star denied that her marriage is in trouble, saying: “Well, I think every married couple is rowing.
“People have been speculating about my marriage since my marriage began and …. I’m not gonna lie and say that we don’t fight but I think that’s how it goes.”
source : yahoo