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Flashers flush Madonna?

Madonna was nearly chased off the road after her appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman” last week and had to call the cops for help, according to an Internet gossip site.
Two vehicles reportedly were tailgating the Material Mom’s car, and the pop star’s chauffeur tried to elude them by turning onto Fifth Ave.
The pursuing drivers then tried to ram Madonna’s car, forcing her to call 911, gossip blogger Perez Hilton claimed on
The NYPD could not confirm the emergency call, and Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said she was unaware of the close call, which was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s last moments.
Rosenberg did say the singer encountered “a danger situation” directly outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, where she had told Letterman about her controversial adoption of an African orphan and Britney Spears’ pantyless photo op.
The crushing crowd of 500 fans that surged toward her on Broadway “was pretty scary,” Rosenberg said.
Rosenberg would not confirm whether Madonna or her entourage called for a police escort last week or in the past.
“I don’t comment on her security,” she said.
source : nydailynews