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Madonna News - January 2007

Guy Ritchie lined up for ABC “Suspects”

English director Guy Ritchie is venturing into television with “Suspects,” an ABC drama pilot that he will direct and executive produce.
“Suspects” is a procedural crime drama that tells the story of each suspect in a recently committed crime until the truth about which one of them committed the crime is revealed.
Ritchie is best known for writing and directing “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch,” as well as the infamous remake of “Swept Away,” starring his wife, Madonna.

The Times : What’s Next for Madonna ?

Her Madge releases a live album, The Confessions Tour, on January 29. Where to next for the queen of controversy and reinvention? It’s anyone’s guess. As this top 10 demonstrates, she has covered a lot of bases, but key principles remain at the core of her work: attitude, danceability, savvy, elusiveness and tunes to die for.

1 Cherish – Quite simply one of the greatest pop songs ever. “Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way, I bet”?, indeed.
2 Papa Don’t Preach – Her best vocal, and the most musically rewarding of her early songs.
3 Material Girl – The defining anthem of the greed-is-good decade?
4 Vogue – Did anyone ever master the dance steps? Maybe not, but we sang along all the same.
5 Into the Groove – The moment when, with the Desperately Seeking Susan tie-in, she went stratospheric.
6 Like a Prayer – The video was condemned as blasphemous, overshadowing this hair-raisingly good song.
7 Ray of Light – Always at her best when written off, Madonna discovered rave here, and blazed back into contention.
8 Borderline – Impossibly addictive 1980s electro, back when she pretty much owned the genre.
9 Music – A return to her dancefloor roots reductive, in your face, unmistakable.
10 Like a Virgin – A helium-voiced come-on, touching the world for the very first time.

Source: The Times.

NO NRJ Awards For Madonna

International Album of the Year
Christina Aguilera

International Female Artist of the Year
Christina Aguilera

Madonna on Forbes Richest Women in Entertainment List

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. J.K. Rowling
3. Martha Stewart
4. Madonna
5. Celine Dion
6. Mariah Carey
7. Janet Jackson
8. Julia Roberts
9. Jennifer Lopez
10. Jennifer Aniston
11. The Olsen Twins
12. Britney Spears
13. Judge Judy
14. Sandra Bullock
15. Cameron Diaz
16. Gisele Bundchen
17. Ellen DeGeneres
18. Nicole Kidman
19. Christina Aguilera
20. Renee Zellweger

Rank: 4
Net Worth (in $ millions): 325
Age: 48
Marital Status: married
Kids: 3
Source: music

She could have easily disappeared into pop obscurity like the other frothy pop tartlets (Cyndi Lauper, Neneh Cherry) who came to fame on nascent MTV in the early 1980s. But Madonna’s masterful manipulation of her image and the press, combined with an astute business sense, have crowned her as one of entertainment’s wealthiest and most enduring acts. While her albums don’t sell like they used to, her concerts still set attendance records all over the world, grossing $1 billion over the course of her 20-year career. The Material Girl’s portfolio is also crammed with expensive items like contemporary art, real estate and a wardrobe of no small historical significance.

source : forbes

Helen Mirren admires Madonna’s attitude to sex

Golden Globe winner Dame Helen Mirren finds Madonna’s controversial 1992 Sex book inspirational – and admits she holds the star’s outspoken sexual views in high regard.
Sixty-one-year-old Mirren, whose reputation for stripping off in films often obscured her acting ability, insists she hated having to play a certain type of ‘sexy female’ in the past – but admires Madonna’s ‘fantastic’ and unique grasp of her sexual self.
She says, ‘The thing that was imposed on me from the outside was crude and vulgar and distressful to me, and disturbing – that big t**s, blonde hair, Diana Dors, blowsy kind of thing. (But) I think Madonna got it right. Madonna claimed it for herself, and I’ve always admired her for that. I loved that Sex book she did. I thought it was fantastic, because it was a big two fingers up, ‘This is my sexuality, it’s not what you put on me, it’s mine.’
source : contactmusic

Case study : Madonna

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie is a dynamic entrepreneur who has succeeded in a competitive industry. How has Madonna achieved her success? And why should we care? Because the five dimensions of her successful strategy are equally important to success in the business world.
Vision. One of the most important drivers of Madonna’s success has been her vision, held since high school, of becoming the world’s foremost female performer. Firms too must have a vision of where they want to go and how to get there. Similarly, managers who are unsure of their career goals frequently miss opportunities.
Understanding customers and industry. It is clear that Madonna’s successes have been underpinned by a deep and insightful appreciation of her customers and understanding of the music industry. Madonna was one of the world’s first artists to bring the focus-group approach to the music industry. In mid-2005 she partnered with DJ and producer Stuart Price to test tunes (without vocals) in clubs from Liverpool to Ibiza. The reaction of the dancers was filmed and used to determine the tracks for Confessions on a Dance Floor. She has also realised the need to partner with the key industry players such as MTV and is a skilled self-publicist. To get ahead in an increasingly competitive and global world, companies must also develop a keen understanding of their customers and industries.
Leveraging competences, addressing weaknesses. Another important element in Madonna’s success has been her ability to acknowledge her own competences and weaknesses. Very early in her career Madonna realised that neither her dancing nor voice were strong enough on their own, so she teamed up with people who could help her, including Michael Jackson’s manager, Freddie de Mann. Similarly, companies and managers need to think about developing the skills and contacts that they need to ensure future success.
Consistent implementation. Madonna isn’t the product of any music company her success is down to sheer hard work. Most of her entertainment interests have been owned or operated by her own companies. Likewise in industry, compiling strategy or setting targets is easy, the difficulty is in implementation.
Continuous renewal. The frequent reinvention of Madonna’s style and sound has reflected an acute awareness of changing styles, social norms and attitudes in a rapidly changing industry. Likewise companies and individuals who are one-trick ponies can expect market or career derailment unless they are able to renew and reinvent themselves.
This is a precis of Entrepreneurs on a Dance Floor, by Jamie Anderson and Martin Kupp, in the London Business School magazine Business Strategy Review (Winter)

source : The Times

Flashers flush Madonna?

Madonna was nearly chased off the road after her appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman” last week and had to call the cops for help, according to an Internet gossip site.
Two vehicles reportedly were tailgating the Material Mom’s car, and the pop star’s chauffeur tried to elude them by turning onto Fifth Ave.
The pursuing drivers then tried to ram Madonna’s car, forcing her to call 911, gossip blogger Perez Hilton claimed on
The NYPD could not confirm the emergency call, and Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said she was unaware of the close call, which was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s last moments.
Rosenberg did say the singer encountered “a danger situation” directly outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, where she had told Letterman about her controversial adoption of an African orphan and Britney Spears’ pantyless photo op.
The crushing crowd of 500 fans that surged toward her on Broadway “was pretty scary,” Rosenberg said.
Rosenberg would not confirm whether Madonna or her entourage called for a police escort last week or in the past.
“I don’t comment on her security,” she said.
source : nydailynews

Madonna and Carlos Leon – still good pals

Carlos Leon and Madonna didn’t last long as a romantic couple. But the two, who never married, have remained friendly as the parents of Lourdes, 10. They had dinner Thursday night at Nobu 57, carefully arriving and leaving separately. Madonna and Leon held hands and seemed “very flirty, very friendly, they were having a wonderful time,” said a witness. “They set a good example for other couples who have kids,” said Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg. “It’s lovely they get along and remain friends.”
source : nypost

Madonna In High Speed Fifth Avenue Chase

Material Girl nearly rammed off road…
Madonna was recently involved in a high speed chase through New York, where two large vehicles tried to ram her off the road.
The Material Girl had just appeared on the David Letterman show where she had poked fun at Britney and other stars for not wearing any pants, when she was pursued by the marauding vehicles.
As Madonna’s driver turned onto Fifth Avenue to shake off their tail, the two cars that had been driving closely then tried to ram them off the road forcing the superstar to finally call 911.
Eventually the Hung Up singer’s driver lost the persuing cars after a high speed chase and a lenghty phone call to the police.
We wonder where Britney, Lindsay and Paris were that night?
source : entertainmentwise

Madonna tells Letterman more Malawian orphans should be rescued

When Madonna initiated the adoption of a Malawian boy, she was “saving a life,” the singer told David Letterman on Thursday, as she called for increased adoption from the African nation.
“There’s over a million orphans in Malawi, and in my opinion the laws need to change because these children need to be rescued,” the Material Mom said on CBS’s “Late Show.”
Madonna, 48, said she had been warned that pursuing an adoption from the country could be difficult.
“My social worker … said, ‘Good luck. You’re going to be making it up as you go along,”‘ the pop star recalled. “She didn’t say don’t do it, but she just said expect challenges, and, boy, did we get them.”
Madonna and her husband, movie director Guy Ritchie, 38, have been allowed to take 1-year-old David Banda to their home in London. She has two other children, Lourdes, 9, and Rocco, 6.
Yohane Banda surrendered his son to an orphanage after his wife died last year. The couple’s two other sons died in infancy from malaria. Banda has said he wants David to stay with Madonna and Ritchie.
Human rights groups in Malawi have said they are concerned the government cut legal corners to fast-track the adoption and they want adoption laws there clarified. A November court ruling allowed a coalition of rights groups to monitor the process.
On the show Thursday, Letterman voiced support for the adoption.
“I found it a little upsetting that there was such a tumult and furor over this when in fact the net result was here we have a human being that now has a life,” he said.
source: ap

Mia Farrow talks about Madonna adoption

UGO: Also in 2006 there was a lot of talk about certain celebrities adopting third world children and they caught a lot of flack for that. Did that ever happen to you when you adopted any of your children?
MIA: No. I have ten children adopted from all over the world and some from the United States. I don’t really see boundaries when it comes to needy children. I have been asked frequently to comment about the Madonna adoption, of which I know nothing. But I felt happy that one child, of the millions of orphans across Africa, won’t have to worry about healthcare or education. That child will have a loving family.