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Madonna News - January 2007

Banda calls for Madonna to get in touch

The father of the Malawian baby Madonna is the process of adopting has asked the pop star for an update on his son.
Yohane Banda has told local Malawi newspaper the Daily Times that keeping in touch with Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie since baby David moved to them in October has so far proven difficult.
The impoverished farmer, who gave his son up for adoption, says: “I don’t have her phone and mailing addresses. All I want is to find out how my son is but I don’t know how I can do it.”
Banda made the comments after the newspaper presented him with a €590 check from Scottish nun, Christine Webster who told the paper she believes the infant would have been better off if Madonna had left him in Malawi.
Madonna and Ritchie are bringing up baby David in England, but the pop star insists she’s planning regular trips back to Malawi, where she has set up a charity foundation, so that her adopted son-to-be will know his homeland.
But the one-year-old boy’s father can’t wait to hear about his son’s new life: “I want to talk to her (Madonna) now and find out about my child.”
But Yohane Banda has dismissed all suggestions that he feels he made a mistake in letting Madonna take his son away from Malawi.
He adds: “All I want is to find out how my child is doing and not to have him back.”
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Most Popular Celebrities Worldwide in 2006

She beat the likes of Charlotte Church and Robbie Williams to top a survey of the most popular personalities requested by people searching on the entertainment search engine Celebrities Worldwide. Richard Brecker of said: “The results show quite emphatically that more people were interested in Madonna than any other celebrity or reality star this year.” Her ability to stay ahead is phenomenal – particularly in such a difficult year.”
The singer attracted great controversy over the much publicised adoption of her son David from Malawi and has also reportedly faced marriage difficulties with her husband Guy Ritchie.
It has not been a good year for David Beckham who has slipped from No 4 ranking as the most requested name in 2005 to his current number 11 spot.
Beckham relinquished his captaincy of the England soccer team following their poor showing in the World Cup, has been dropped from the squad by new manager Steve McLaren and has struggled to hold a regular place in the first team at Real Madrid.
But some consolation – Becks still finishes five places higher this year than his publicity hungry wife Victoria
Little Britain TV star Matt Lucas in 10th position proves a bigger hit than his co-star David Walliams who trails four places behind Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne, star judges on the hit TV series “X Factor” battle it out at 31st and 32nd spot respectively. One time showbiz outcast Noel Edmonds has catapulted back into the reckoning through the success of his TV show “Deal or No Deal”
Celebrities Worldwide is accepted as a benchmark of celebrity status and popularity and its website attracts more than 4 million visitors per year.

Top 20 Names of 2006
1. Madonna
2. Charlotte Church
3. Jamie Oliver MBE
4. Robbie Williams
5. Jonathan Ross OBE
6. Billie Piper
7. Ricky Gervais
8. Jeremy Clarkson
9. Stephen Fry
10. Matt Lucas
11. David Beckham OBE
12. Gordon Ramsay OBE
13. Trinny Woodall
14. David Walliams
15. Fearne Cotton
16. Victoria Beckham
17. Elton John
18. Kylie Minogue
19. David Tennant
20. Rachel Stevens

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