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Madonna’s Stress Cure? ‘I Scream a Lot’

How does Madonna juggle family, career and all her other commitments? Sometimes not very well, she admits.
“I scream a lot!” the singer, 48, tells British Elle. “Sometimes I handle [stress] well, sometimes I don’t. I take a deep breath or sometimes it’s nice to go run really fast on a treadmill for half an hour and get out all of my aggression. And I’m surrounded by very efficient people who remind me that it’s just a job and I’m going to be okay.”
One thing that isn’t a source of tension in her household is her fashion sense. Critics may love to hate some of her more out-there outfits, but husband Guy Ritchie, 38, isn’t one of them.
Does he comment on what she wears? “Not really,” she says. “Although once he said, ‘I like the dress you’re almost wearing’ – you know, one of those comments. But I think he pretty much approves of how I dress.”
Even the Confessions on a Dance Floor leotard? “He liked it.”
Ritchie himself isn’t stubborn when it comes to fashion.
“I like it when my husband wears suits and I tell him that on a regular basis,” Madonna says. Does he listen? “Yes, he does. He’s very obedient in the clothing department!”
Her kids are another story.
Though daughter Lourdes, 10, is modeling and testing the prototypes for Madonna’s children’s clothing line, a tie-in with her English Roses book series, she has her own outfit of choice.
“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans that are so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. And please wear a belt because I don’t want to see your butt crack when you bend over.’ ”
Likewise, her 6-year-old son, Rocco, “never wants to take off his Gap army fatigue pants. They both wear the same thing over and over again.”

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