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The Confessions Tour (CD/DVD) – Jam! Music Review

Madonna’s last few studio albums haven’t exactly set the charts on fire. But her Madgesty seldom fails to make a splash in concert.

So perhaps it’s no wonder that she’s decided to stop doing more of what doesn’t work and start doing more of what does. Which is to say: The Confessions Tour is her second live release in a row. Unlike last year’s documentary-style I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, however, this CD/DVD set is a straight-up concert film.

And a pretty good one to boot: The stage set and the production are as massive and elaborate as you’d expect; the 21-song set list draws heavily from 2005’s Confessions (and quite consciously avoids duplicating Tell You a Secret) but includes Like a Virgin, Lucky Star and Erotica; the ’70s roller-boogie leisure-suite mashup of Music and Disco Inferno is a hoot; and Madonna is in her usual provocative form, starting off in equestrian dominatrix mode and working through several costume changes before ending up in those high-cut lilac tights.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the onstage crucifixion during Live to Tell.

Not even Madonna could make a studio album that would compete with all that.