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The Confessions Tour (CD/DVD) – Monsters & Critics Review

Is the DVD a bonus to the CD or is the CD a bonus to the DVD? Whatever you decide, one thing is clear. Madonna knows how to put on a show.

In 2006, Madonna embarked on the “Confessions Tour”? to promote her new album “~Confessions on a Dance Floor.’ The tour was not without controversy since Madonna’s faux crucifixion raised the ire of several religious groups. I’m sure that was what was intended because for a time Madonna was getting tons of free press about her tour for this one incident.

The DVD features the two-hour Confessions show and was recorded in the UK at Wembley Arena. When her show was broadcast on several TV stations they cut out the offending crucifixion during “Live to Tell,”? but his DVD features the uncensored version.

The show is not only devoted to the new album, but features her classics “Like a Virgin,”? “Lucky Star,”? “Live to Tell,”? and “Erotica.”? The show features 21 songs/performances on the DVD but also adds about 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery.

I’d have to say that the CD is the bonus to the DVD and the DVD is the main course. The CD features 12 tracks of Madonna’s live performance. To me listening to the audio of stage show is not as exciting as seeing the whole bit on the DVD, it just loses something.

Whatever you think of her, Madonna’s show is a real stunner. It has lots of dancers, videos, and special effects. A lot of money has been put into the stage show and it shows.

For fans, this is a must have since I’m sure that the tickets to the event were much more than the $20 or so that it will cost you to buy this DVD/CD online. It is a recommended purchase.