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Madonna 3rd on Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list

Power Rank – 3
Pay Rank – 9
Web Rank – 2
Press Rank – 1
TV/Radio Rank – 6
Pay – $72 mil

Madonna crisscrossed the globe last year for her tour, ‘Confessions,’ which drew over 1 million fans and grossed $194 million, making it the top-earning tour by a female artist in history. NBC cut the Material Girl a hefty check to broadcast the ‘Confessions’ tour live last November, though ratings proved disappointing. In March, the always-fashion-forward singer linked up with retailer H&M for her own clothing line, M. (Rhinestones a-plenty, but no cone bras.) Generated a maelstrom of negative publicity last year for her adoption of a baby in Malawi.

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