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Madonna News - June 2007

Al Gore interviewed about Madonna

In a bid to recruit top-name stars to sign up for Live Earth, Mr Gore tapped up the Red Hot Chili Peppers when he presented them with a Grammy Award in LA in February. He travelled to London for a one-on-one meeting with Madonna.

He did such a good job convincing the Queen Of Pop she agreed to close the concert at Wembley. Mr Gore said: “My wife and I met her and we had a wonderful conversation and she agreed to help.”?

Just one thing though . . . did he manage to also persuade Madge to ditch her private jets in favour of commercial airlines to help reduce her own carbon emissions?

I got an extremely carefully- worded answer in response.

Mr Gore said: “Well, I appreciate and respect her as an artist and as a person and there are many artists who are offsetting their role in contributing to the CO2 build-up and I understand that.

“The essence of this problem is that we live in a civilisation that has developed rather fully according to a pattern that emphasises the burning of carbon-based fuels.

“So making the shift to renewable energy is a challenge for everyone that will be a lot easier when governments around the world adopt the new strategies that will make this shift a lot easier to accomplish.”?

I’ll take that as a “No”? then!

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Rumour : Madge in a tizzy

Madonna is dithering about releasing songs recorded with Justin Timberlake.
Mum-of-three Madonna, 48, went into the studio with Justin, 26, last month in a bid to get some R&B credibility.
A pal explained: “She wants to reinvent herself.”
But he added: “She’s got second thoughts because she’s not sure the stuff she did with Justin is quite right for her new sound.”

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Madonna 3rd on Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list

Power Rank – 3
Pay Rank – 9
Web Rank – 2
Press Rank – 1
TV/Radio Rank – 6
Pay – $72 mil

Madonna crisscrossed the globe last year for her tour, ‘Confessions,’ which drew over 1 million fans and grossed $194 million, making it the top-earning tour by a female artist in history. NBC cut the Material Girl a hefty check to broadcast the ‘Confessions’ tour live last November, though ratings proved disappointing. In March, the always-fashion-forward singer linked up with retailer H&M for her own clothing line, M. (Rhinestones a-plenty, but no cone bras.) Generated a maelstrom of negative publicity last year for her adoption of a baby in Malawi.

Top 20 :
1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Tiger Woods
3. Madonna
4. Rolling Stones
5. Brad Pitt
6. Johnny Depp
7. Elton John
8. Tom Cruise
9. Jay-Z
10. Steven Spielberg
11. Tom Hanks
12. Grey’s Anatomy Cast
13. Howard Stern
14. Angelina Jolie
15. David Beckham
16. Phil Mickelson
17. David Letterman
18. Bon Jovi
19. Donald Trump
20. Celine Dion

Rupert Everett keen to see Madonna’s directing debut

British actor Rupert Everett can’t wait to see the results of Madonna’s directorial debut, because he thinks it will be “amazing”.
Everett starred alongside the Material Girl in the 2001 comedy The Next Best Thing and is adamant Madonna’s low-budget comedy Filth and Wisdom will be a hit.
He says, “She’s great, I think it’ll be amazing.”

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New launched

From Newsletter :

Dear Madonna Fans,
A new day has come for Madonna’s official website and we’re happy to announce the re-launch of!
The “Confessions” days are behind us and 2007 has already been fueled with exciting new Madonna projects… and is now ready to keep you up-to-date on a daily basis and to provide you with everything Madonna!

New features include:
– A revamped video gallery, which allows you to watch every single video Madonna has made during the past 25 years
– A reworked Madonna tagging system, which is now organized by year and gives you access to thousands of Madonna pictures. We would love to see your favorite photos of our Queen, so please continue to add and tag away with your photos!
– Brand new goodies for your computer, including vintage wallpapers
– And much more!

Visit now to discover all of them!

New features and videos will be added in a near future, so make sure to check back on a regular basis!

Enjoy the new site!

Grant praises Madonna’s directorial skills

Gosford Park actor Richard E. Grant has heaped praised on Madonna’s movie-making skills, admiring her “real talent” for directing. The Material Girl has followed in the footsteps of her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie with her directorial debut, the low-budget comedy Filth And Wisdom. And Grant, who stars in the movie, admits he is impressed by the singer’s first attempt in the film industry. He says, “She is somebody who is so determined to stretch in every direction and I really admire that. “Believe me, the number of directors that I have worked with who don’t have half her ability makes me believe she has a real talent.”

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Madonna Slept In Almond’s Junkie Hell-Hole

Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond was forced to host superstar Madonna in a prostitute and drug-ridden apartment block when she visited the U.K. in the 1980’s.

The Queen of Pop was about to embark on her first promotional tour in the country and used Almond’s humble bedsit while he was away.

And former drug-user Almond reveals he still hasn’t gotten over the shame of his filthy apartment.

He says, “It was a hell-hole. There were prostitutes upstairs, and junkies downstairs.

“I’ve always felt ashamed she stayed in such a pit. If I’d known how big she’d become, I’d have sold my bedsheets on Ebay!”

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