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Madonna News - August 2007

Rumour : Big show for Madge’s five-oh

Madonna is in secret talks to play a gig at New York’s Central Park on her 50th birthday.

The Queen Of Pop will tour the US next year to promote her next album.

And she has been racking her brains to come up with something unique and special to mark her big day. Madonna turns 50 on August 16 next year and though not thrilled about reaching the milestone she knows she won’t be able to ignore it.

My impeccably placed source said: “One of the ideas she loves is to do Central Park on her birthday.

“She came up with it and has been discussing it as a serious possibility.

“She doesn’t like getting older but she knows there’s no way she can pretend her birthday isn’t happening.

“She is planning to kick off a world tour next June in America to promote her new album. Playing at Central Park would be the highlight.

“She sees it as a huge televised event.”?

Simon & Garfunkel famously performed for free to more than 500,000 people in Central Park back in September 1981.

Madonna has a huge connection with the city. She moved there in her rebellious teens, it’s her spiritual home and she performed a song called I Love New York on her last album,

Madge has been in the studio with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake recording the follow-up to global smash Confessions On A Dancefloor.

They have been writing and recording in London and Madonna plans to go back to New York in September to put the finishing touches to it. She’ll then take a few weeks off to be with hubby Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes, Rocco and adopted son David.

The album is scheduled for global release in November.

Madge is also set to put out a 25th anniversary box set next year to celebrate her years in the music business.

Better start saving up now for those tickets one thing’s for sure, they won’t come cheap.

source : the sun

Timbaland Talks About Collabo With Madonna

“We just did Madonna’s record,” Timbo said, sitting in the “TRL” green room. He was part of the cavalcade of stars including Kanye West, Common, Rihanna and Robin Thicke who came out for the VMA press conference on Tuesday. “Me and Justin did the records” for the album, he continued, saying Madonna is almost done with the effort. “She’s great. … She’s got a hot album. Her album is up there with Justin’s album.”

Tim says he and Justin wrote and produced 10 songs for Madge’s LP, many of which will make the club jump.

“Ah, man,” Tim gushed. “There’s this one song, we taking it back to ‘You must be my luck-eee starrrr!’ … Remember ‘Ugly’ by Bubba Sparxxx? I got a beat similar to that. The hook is no words. It’s saying stuff named after coffee all these different names for coffee is the hook. … The name of the song is ‘La, La.’ Pharrell did a hot one for her too called ‘Candy Shop.’ She’s off the chain.”

The production legend said there isn’t a title for the opus yet, but he will be reconvening with the singer in September to finish it up.

source : mtv

Madonna’s Rep Blasts Latest Scandalous Adoption Story: “Not Accurate!”

Madonna’s rep exclusively tells that a report from Reuters, via the Malawi News, in which Malawi’s Child Welfare Services director Penstone Kilembe says that the country’s minister for Women and Child Development has barred him from visiting Madonna’s adopted son David Banda in the U.K., is not true.

“The information regarding the adoption that was reported on Reuters is simply not accurate,” Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg tells “The adoption process is going along very well and according to proper procedure.”

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Madonna Adoption in Malawi Not Finalized

Malawian rights organizations say their government needs help monitoring Madonna’s planned adoption of David Banda.

Madonna and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, took custody of David, then 14 months old, last October. His father had placed David in an orphanage.

Malawi’s Child Welfare Services is expected to file a report on the couple’s suitability as adoptive parents after two trips to their London residence this year. But welfare services has already missed one visit, which was set for May.

Director Penston Kilembe, who is overseeing the case, indicated in an interview this week that money is an issue. He said hopes to go to London by month’s end.

“We have been unable to travel because of logistical problems,” Kilembe said. “You know it requires some resources for me to travel.”

Malawian law is fuzzy on foreign adoptions. Regulations only stipulate that prospective parents undergo an 18- to 24-month assessment period, a rule that was bent when Madonna and Ritchie were allowed to take David home.

Lawyer Justin Dzonzi is chairman of a coalition of 67 children’s and human rights organizations that raised the lack of regulations in their successful lawsuit to become party to overseeing David’s adoption.

Dzonzi said it was unrealistic to expect Malawi to oversee the adoption without help, possibly from British child welfare authorities.

“We just don’t have the resources and the expertise,” Dzonzi said.

International adoption and children’s rights groups have said the lack of clarity in Malawi’s law could make the southern African country’s children vulnerable to trafficking.

“We have reservations” about Malawi’s ability to oversee the Madonna adoption on its own, said Maxwell Matewere of Eye of the Child, which is part of the Human Rights Consultative Committee. “We are a little worried whether Kilembe is competent enough to assess the U.K. environment and to make a fair conclusion on the whole process.”

Kilembe said his job is straightforward.

“What we expect is the child must be provided all the necessities of basic needs for him to grow up. He must go to school, must socialize, he must be taken care of, must have a … comprehensive medical cover so that he is able to be protected.”

Madonna’s celebrity makes David’s prospective family different from most.

Stevan Whitehead, chairman of the Overseas Adoption Support and Information Service, a private British group, said David was in the spotlight when he was first brought to London, where photographers and TV cameras met him at the airport.

“Frankly, I blame the media for that, I don’t blame his mother. And since then she’s done a very good job to keep him out of the spotlight,” Whitehead said. “If he is kept out of the media, I can’t see any significant difference between being brought up by a pop star or anybody else.”

David’s father said he was happy to have the adoption go ahead as long as David is well looked after.

“Yes, I miss him,” he added.

source : washington post / ap

Gossip : Sex file returns to haunt Madonna

Madonna’s lawyers are fighting to stop a collection of love letters and intimate photographs being made public at the same time as she tries to make her adoption of a Malawian baby permanent.

The 17 notes and seven Polaroid snaps she sent in the early 1990s to then boyfriend James Albright were recently sold to an investment company specialising in Madonna memorabilia.

The firm is now touting them around to the highest bidder and hoping to make more than £100,000.

Some of the pictures, which the singer took of herself, show her naked in explicit poses.

The collection also includes personal items such as underwear which Madonna apparently sent to Albright during their two-year relationship.

Although she repeatedly posed nude at the time for her controversial coffee-table book, Sex, she is understood to be devastated about the arrival of such items on the market – particularly at such a sensitive time.

The head of Malawi’s child welfare service is about to spend a week with Madonna and her family in London to assess whether they are fit to adopt baby David Banda permanently.

source : daily mail

Madonna & Guy Richie voted the best dressed celebrity couple

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have been voted the best-dressed celebrity couple.
The pair beat David and Victoria Beckham and Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in the poll.

Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whose relationship is rumoured to be going through a troubled patch, came second for their “smouldering” red-carpet look.

New Los Angeles residents Posh and Becks were third in the survey of 7,000 fashion fans for In Style magazine.

Singer Gwen Stefani and her British rock star husband Gavin Rossdale were fourth, followed by actress Demi Moore and younger lover Ashton Kutcher, for their “complimentary” wardrobe.

English rose Kate Winslet and American Beauty
director Sam Mendes are sixth, while Parker, famous as Carrie in Sex and the City, and Matthew Broderick, star of The Producers, are seventh.

Super-skinny Batman Returns star Kate Bosworth and British model James Rousseau make it into eighth place.

Katie Holmes – who has received fashion advice from Posh Spice – and Tom Cruise also made it into the list, in ninth position.

Despite Kelly Brook’s disastrous appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of the film Snatch, when she wore a pink crystal-encrusted dress with matching knickers, the British TV presenter and actress is 10th, with fiance Billy Zane.

Despite her supermodel credentials, Kate Moss and now ex-lover Pete Doherty did not make it into the top 10, while Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst and on-off flame Razorlight star Johnny Borrell also lost out.

Prince takes a swipe at Madonna during London show

Prince took a swipe at Madonna during his gig tonight (August 1) at the O2 Stadium in London.

The show was the first of the 21 nights of the hits tour he will play at the former Millennium Dome.

Before playing ‘Black Sweat’ he announced: “I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me. I got more hits than Madonna’s got kids.”

source : nme

Will Madge Fill Bill for Hillary Campaign ?

Could Madonna be throwing her material weight behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential run?

TMZ spies caught Her Madgesty spending almost two hours at the Harlem headquarters of President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation yesterday afternoon, but neither Madonna’s nor Bill’s camp would confirm Madge’s presence. Madonna hasn’t endorsed any of the 2008 hopefuls, but the Clinton Foundation has been the biggest single donor to Madonna’s Raising Malawi effort — and she and Bill have worked together on medical relief for the African nation.

Still, Madonna wasn’t seen anywhere near the Lexington Avenue HQ of Hillary’s campaign. She was, however, spotted by TMZ’s cameras all over the city, from her morning workout on the Upper West Side, to checking out artist-director Julian Schnabel’s new apartment building in the West Village, then up to Bill’s in Harlem and ending up in Midtown at the offices of HarperCollins, which co-publishes her kiddie lit.

A truly Madge dash around Manhattan!

Click on image bellow to watch the video :

Will Madge Fill Bill for Hillary Campaign ?

source : tmz