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Madonnalicious on EW’s 25 Essential Fansites list

10. Madonna
Launch Date January 2003

What You’ll Find London-based blogger Clare puts a decidedly European spin on Her Madgesty’s comings and goings, from German tabloid scans to an archived BBC audio interview with Madonna’s producer/collaborator Stuart Price.

Why It’s Essential Madonnalicious’ basic HTML isn’t pretty, but the site is incredibly meticulous — from constant updates on the Material Woman’s estimated $120 million deal with Live Nation to camera-phone snapshots from the U.K. premiere of the new Desperately Seeking Susan stage show, all accompanied by Clare’s chatty, conversational musings. There are also reams of vintage and obscure photos with handy links should you feel compelled to download a 1987 Madonna-starring Mitsubishi ad.

Official Site
Find a feature on the singer’s current cause,, and design your own Madonna T-shirt; membership (which costs $39.99 a year) also gets you the digital magazine Icon — but none of the juicy pap shots or behind-the-scenes ‘licious drama.

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