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Gossip : Guy Ritchie plans megabash for Madonna’s 50th

Amid feverish speculation that Madonna is seeking to divorce her husband Guy Ritchie, I can reveal that behind the scenes a more romantic scenario has been unfolding between the couple.

For in between putting the finishing touches to his latest gangster movie, RocknRolla, to be released in September, Ritchie, 39, has quietly been arranging a lavish party to celebrate Madge’s 50th birthday in two months’ time.

The film director is planning to invite 200 friends to their country home in Wiltshire in early August.

‘This is hardly the action of a man about to be divorced by his wife,’ says one close chum.

‘I don’t think you organise a 50th birthday party for your wife while at the same time consulting lawyers to end your marriage.’

Guy’s plans, I am told, are well advanced, although invitations have not yet gone out.

‘It will be quite spectacular,’ says the friend.

‘He’s going to push the boat out. He’s given it a lot of thought.’

One person who won’t be getting an invitation, however, is Sir Elton John.

‘Madonna still hasn’t forgiven him after he accused her of miming on tour last year,’ adds the friend.

At the weekend, Ritchie flew to New York to see his wife, taking their son, Rocco, seven, Lourdes, 11, by her former personal trainer Carlos Leon, and adopted son, David, two.

‘Guy is looking after all the children in London while Madonna is on tour in America,’ I am told.

‘All marriages go through ups and downs and it’s not easy being married to someone like Madonna,’ adds the friend.

‘Whoever she married was going to be overshadowed by her. She is very forceful but, equally, Guy has been determined to exert his own personality and obviously that can lead to clashes from time to time.’

One area of tension has been Ritchie’s circle of friends.

‘To be honest, Madonna doesn’t like them very much,’ I am told.

However, Madonna, who has been spending time in the U.S as the couple are reportedly leading increasingly separate lives, was spotted out and about in New York without her wedding ring on.

The singer was looking tired and drained as she is reportedly planning a move to the U.S.

Meanwhile, Ritchie appeared just as emotional in London as he turned to friend Trudie Styler for support.

Sting’s wife, who introduced the couple at her home in 1998, provided a shoulder to cry on as she and Ritchie drove to the countryside over the weekend.

Yesterday, Ritchie’s mother, Amber, Lady Leighton, poured cold water on rumours that Madonna had consulted Sir Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton and that Guy had had talks with the law firm Forsters.

‘Absolute rubbish,’ she declared.

source : daily mail