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Liz: Madonna’s the victim of a bad pic

Madonna’s not sick, her publicist says.

The singer raised eyebrows Friday after she was photographed looking gaunt while leaving the Kabbalah Center in New York. But according to her rep, the 49-year-old is the victim of a bad photograph.

“I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,” Liz Rosenberg told People magazine. “I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.”

The pop star “may look a little thinner than usual,” Rosenberg conceeded, “but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal.”

However, some experts aren’t buying it.

“There should be questions of whether she’s eating enough,” Stacey Shulman, a registered dietician who practices in New York, told the Daily News.

And anxiety could be behind the Material Girl’s rapid weight loss, Shulman says.

“The body’s metabolic rate increases with stress,” she said. “It’s going to take more calories to meet your nutritional demands as opposed to someone who isn’t under a lot of stress.”

Madonna is showing signs of strain following several months of drama in which her marriage – and the marriage of late-night visitor Alex Rodriguez – came under intense scruntiny.

The singer reportedly hosted the Yankees slugger at her Upper West Side apartment on several occasions while converting him to kabbalah, a Jewish mystic sect.
Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, filed for divorce after her husband was linked to the seven-time Grammy Award winner, although Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have denied allegations of an affair.

Professionally, the pop star is under the gun for her upcoming Sticky & Sweet world tour. Madonna fired two of her dancers during a recent rehearsal and her tour manager is threatening to quit over her tantrums, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

“Life with My Sister Madonna,” a vicious tell-all written by the singer’s brother Christopher Ciccone, was also recently released.

Rosenberg denied that stress is a factor in her client’s recent appearance: “She’s working hard rehearsing eight hours a day for her tour.”

But according to Eddy Sanchez, a trainer at the Upper West Side gym Boom Fitness the singer is “overworking.”

“From a fitness point of view, it’s a combination of overtraining and not eating right,” he said. “She looks like she’s a little bit anorexic.”

Despite concerns about the star’s health, Rosenberg says Madonna is “in a great space” now.

source : nydailynews