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London Fans Wanted!

The Breakfast show on BBC London Radio is looking for Madonna fans living in London to speak on Friday morning on the show about Madonna’s 50th Birthday. You can contact them at

Liz: Madonna “Has Not Made an Attempt to Adopt” Malawian Girl

A report that Madonna is adopting a three-year-old girl, Mercy James, from Malawi is not true, her rep tells

“Madonna has not made an attempt to adopt this baby earlier this year or now,” Liz Rosenberg tells Us.

Rosenberg also confirmed to Us what she told “There is no truth to this rumor. It’s an old one – wasn’t true then or now. Madonna is starting her tour in a week.”

Malawian adoption minister Penstone Kilembe had told Britain’s Sun: “Madonna’s representatives have been visiting the girl. The adoption is now advanced — all the government is waiting for is Madonna to forward the petition of adoption formalities.

“Then Mercy will be able to leave the country for a new life,” he added.

See photos of more stars who have adopted.

The Sun claimed the singer, 49, had been pursuing Mercy James for a year but stopped proceedings when her marriage to Guy Ritchie grew rocky.

(Us Weekly first reported Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez had been making late night visits to Madonna’s NYC apartment . His wife, Cynthia, later blamed the singer for “brainwashing” him, and destroying their marriage. Both Madonna and Ritchie, 39, also visited divorce lawyers.)

One of Madonna’s pals told the Sun that she “fell in love” with Mercy after meeting her in an orphanage last year. The paper also reports that Malawian officials approved the adoption last August, but stopped proceedings after her uncle, John Nglanade, 36, blocked the adoption.

“Twice I have told the adoption people that I do not want Mercy to go outside the country,” added her grandmother, Lucy Chekechiwa.

Chekechiwa, who lives in the Zomba District of the country, calls her granddaughter “such a beautiful, happy child.”

Madonna’s adoption of David Banda, 2, also from Malawi, was approved by the country’s courts in May after a two-year battle.

Madonna found David at the orphanage through her Raising Malawi charity.

But there was no family strife in this adoption.

“I gave Madonna 100% rights for my son,” his father, Yohane Banda, told Us earlier this week. “He is her son. It’s because of her benovent nature that he assured me she will not cut ties with me.”

Banda’s grandmother, Asineti Mwale, 60, died of pneumonia August 10, Banda confirmed to Us.

In her last interview last month when Yohane Banda’s new wife, Flora, gave birth to another son, Mwale said: “I wish David would come to see me before I die. I hope he will one day come to see his brother.”

source : us weekly

Madonna on VH1 this weekend

Madonna will be featured on VH1 in the UK this weekend :


Friday 15 August
19:00 Madonna – All Time Top 50
23:30 Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live

Saturday 16 August
09:00 Madonna At 50!
12:00 Madonna Unwrapped: A Hard Candy Special
12:30 Madonna At 50!
14:00 Madonna: Vaults
16:00 Madonna – All Time Top 50
21:00 Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live

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At 50, has Madonna surpassed the Beatles?

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just come right out with it. As Madonna’s 50th birthday approaches on Aug. 16, it’s looking like her influence on pop music has outshone that of the Beatles.

Let me qualify the above statement before all the peace-and-love baby boomers start hating. It’s Madonna’s impact on the course of pop music that bests the Fab Four, not her sociological importance, songwriting skills or recording innovations. Influence means an artist has an effect on the future direction of music. While the Beatles influenced scads of artists in their time, after their breakup, their sound became yesterday’s news. Artists that tried to copy them (Badfinger, the Raspberries, Squeeze) seemed quaint or quirky.

But a quarter century after Madonna emerged, artists still use her ideas and seem modern and edgy doing so. Beyond the obvious Madonna wannabe 1980s singers, Madonna’s influence is felt in artists from Gwen Stefani to Britney Spears to boy bands, who found in the 1990s there was an audience beyond the old rock crowd.

Madonna, like Elvis, recast the focus of popular music. By emphasizing modern R&B grooves where most singers used rock beats, she was the catalyst that changed music from being rock-centric to being dance and R&B-oriented. (Disco, which influenced Madonna, might have done the same thing had it not died because of rock resentment.) It’s worth noting that before Madonna, most music mega-stars were guy rockers; after her, almost all would be female singers.

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Gossip : Madonna and Guy will adopt girl

from The Sun :

This is the orphan whom Malawian officials say pop goddess Madonna is “on the very cusp” of adopting.

Madge originally scrapped her year-long battle for three-year-old Mercy James just four months ago as her marriage to British film director Guy Ritchie, 39, hit the rocks.

But officials yesterday confirmed the star has resumed her adoption bid — which pals say proves their marriage is “back on track”.

Malawian adoption minister Penstone Kilembe said: “Madonna’s representatives have been visiting the girl. The adoption is now advanced — all the government is waiting for is Madonna to forward the petition of adoption formalities.

“Then Mercy will be able to leave the country for a new life.”

Pals of Madonna, who turns 50 on Saturday, say she is keen to have a sister for her adopted Malawian son David Banda, three — and feels her marriage is again strong enough to cope.

A close family friend revealed: “The adoption process in Malawi is so long and stressful that all the legal wrangling put a huge strain on their marriage.

“They dropped proceedings to pour all their energies into each other. But Madonna now feels they are stable enough to press ahead with the adoption again.”

The friend said Madge “fell in love” with Mercy when they met at her orphanage last year.

However, the girl’s gran Lucy Chekechiwa, 60, said she has been asked repeatedly by officials if Mercy could be adopted by an “unidentified foreign family” — but was firmly against it.

Speaking from her village in Zomba District, Lucy said: “We know that it is Mercy who Madonna really wants. We heard it is because my granddaughter is such a beautiful, happy child.

“Twice I have told the adoption people that I do not want Mercy to go outside the country.

“But they keep on at us. Now they say that Mercy will be leaving us, but can return at age 18. Yet I might not be alive then.”

The Sun revealed how Madge, who also has daughter Lourdes, 11, and son Rocco, eight, was given permission to adopt Mercy last August — but had to stop when the girl’s uncle John Nglanade, 36, blocked the application.

Gossip : Madge and Guy will adopt girl

Second Boston Show Added

A second Boston show was just added to the “Sticky & Sweet” Tour itinerary and will take place at the TD Banknorth Garden on October 16.
Tickets will go on sale Monday, August 25th, at 10am Local Time.
A fan club devoted presale will start on Tuesday, August 19 at 10am LOCAL TIME.

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Rumour : Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour in Venezuela ? :
It’s confirmed: Madonna will visit Venezuela for the first time on December 3rd. “The Queen of Pop” will come with 17 containers of equipment to appear in La Rinconada.
“Solid Show” paid around $5 million for the concert.

The Age Of Madonna: Touched for a Very Long Time

The Washington Post :

Madonna, OMG, you are 50.

You have said again and again that you never read newspapers or magazines, even though you are always in newspapers and magazines, so this is in some way wasted space and energy.

Then again, she needn’t be present for us to talk about her. This has always been the key element to how Madonna has spent half her life, deliberately deaf in the center of the buzz. Madonna turning 50 is not about Madonna. As ever, it’s about the rest of us, who are always caught watching Madonna do whatever it is Madonna currently does, even if when whatever Madonna is doing is nothing more than growing old.

“So what are you going to do when you get older, Madonna? Are you going to be going on 50 and still get up onstage and shake your booty, like Cher? What happens when your body goes?”

“Then I’ll use my mind.” — From an interview with Madonna, in Vanity Fair, October 1992

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