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Fine mess, Madge

Madonna was in a sombre mood as she continued her Sticky & Sweet tour.

It could have something to do with her being hit with a whopping L135,000 fine by Wembley Stadium.

Either that or she wasn’t overjoyed with the thought of leaving behind Paris for the rather less glamorous East European location of Montenegro.

Deathly pale, her face scrubbed bare of make-up and wet hair clinging to her head, it’s fair to say gloomy Madge wasn’t looking her best as she and her entourage boarded her private jet.

The fine comes after The Queen Of Pop ran over the stadium’s strict 10.30pm curfew by 40 minutes on September 11.

She has been charged the princely sum of L50,000 for every 15 minutes she was late.

A Wembley source revealed: “The concert was meant to start at 8.30pm but Madonna didn’t come on stage until 9.10pm. The gig ended at 11.10pm so she was quite a bit over.

“Her people knew about the possible implications for going over the curfew but this is a pretty hefty fine, even for Madonna.”

She will need a good look down the side of the sofa when she gets home to find that kind of cash.

Madge’s Wembley show has managed to upset quite a few people so far.

Her mates Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson were loving it in their VIP seats.

But other fans further back in the stadium were upset by the poor sound quality and late finish.

There were complaints that some fans couldn’t hear her properly but she sounded on top form from where I was sitting.

After the gig police had to be called to help some fans make their way home because public transport had finished for the evening.

Madonna is not the first pop star to fall foul of Wembley’s curfew.

GEORGE MICHAEL was fined L130,000 when his concert also ran over time last year.

I suppose stadium bosses have to somehow recoup the L800million it cost to build.

Madonna plays in Athens, Greece, tonight in the last European date of her tour.

She then has a few days break before hitting the States on October 4. The tour wraps up in Brazil on December 21.

Maybe her outlook will be a bit brighter by the time she gets to sunny South America.

source : the sun