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Madonna News - September 2008

Madonna immortalized in Lego land

Madonna, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are among a small list of celebs to become immortalized as miniture Lego figures.

The characters were created to celebrate Lego’s 30th anniversary.

Sadly, the special edition toys will not be released to the public. Drats!

No details are spared on these plastic figures. Pictures of the minifigs show an unshaven Pitt dressed in a suit and Jolie outfitted in her ‘Tomb Raider’ garb. Lego even added a set of newborn twins wrapped in blankets.

Madonna’s blonde mini-me is in a stage costume and holding a microphone in her little Lego claw/hand. Lego was sure to include the sexy mole above her lip and the small gap in her top teeth.

As for Winehouse, well, it’s obvious that Lego spent a little more time working outside the mould to create this one. Her figure sports a bee-hive hairdo, tatoos and cutoff jean shorts. The toy bares a striking resemblance to the Grammy-winning singer in healthier times.

Rounding out the list of 30th Anniversary Lego figures are David and Victoria Beckham, Cliff Richard, Simon Cowell and the X-Factor judges, and celeb gardener Alan Titchmarch.

Lego first created the minifigures in 1978. Other Hollywood Lego creations include Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman.

Madonna immortalized in Lego land

source : mercurynews

Robyn Takes You Backstage At Madonna’s Tour Stop In Zurich

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Back in April, MTV News columnist James Montgomery claimed that Swedish singer Robyn — “one of the most dynamic, shape-shifting, forward-thinking artists currently making pop music” — isn’t popular in the U.S. because “we are a nation of narrow-minded nimrods.” It was the latest in our decade-long string of stump speeches for the pop star. See, Robyn has something of a fan club at MTV News. Every few years, when she puts out a new album, we ask, “What’s wrong with Americans? Why won’t they dance to Robyn?”

You’re probably sick of listening to us, so we decided to hand things over to the singer herself. The electro diva agreed to keep a video diary of her time spent opening for Madonna on the European leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Enjoy the clips of Robyn and her entourage before, during and after her recent set before 72,000 fans at a former military airbase in Zurich, Switzerland.

Driving to the Dubendorf stage in Zurich:

High fives :

Performing “Cobrastyle”:

Leaving the stage:

Madonna wows Lisbon crowds

Madonna, The world’s biggest female pop icon today, proved that she still has what it takes to put on a show in Lisbon on Sunday.

Madonna fever had been building steadily in the preceding days with commercial radio stations doing retrospectives of her career to date all weekend.

Bona fide tickets had sold out within days long ago, although ticket touts were still peddling them for enormous sums, as much as 150 euros in some cases, outside the venue.

Those that decided on getting a good pitch had queued outside the turnstiles at Bela Vista Park since the early morning to see the Queen of white trash pop strut her stuff and judging by the 80,000 audience reaction, Madge didn’t disappoint.

The stage was designed in a t-shaped runway-come-catwalk to enable her fans to better see the ageing but still-looking-fabulous icon, although the vast majority of the crowd had to make do with massive screens in front of and around the stage flanked by two enormous red letter ‘Ms’.

One thing no-one can deny is that Madge is a performer, the consummate artist who puts on a show.

No one seriously suggests she can sing of course, but her ability to foresee trends and constantly invent herself has kept her at the top for nearly 30 years.

And what a show – 16 dancers, 12 anthems, and dazzling costume displays from some of the best designers in the world.

Madge served up a selection from her latest album ‘Candy Shop’ dressed in a black leather basque with knee-high boots, slumped imperiously and provocatively on a gold throne as if to say here I am and I’m still Queen.

Then came My Sugar is Raw as she sensually stroked her black boots like a dominatrix in a show that was divided in four distinct parts: Pimp, Old School, Gipsy and Rave.

Vogue and Like a Prayer followed before a cream-coloured vintage car rolled onto stage to steal the show with white top-hatted Madge surrounded by dancers firmly in the driving seat, taking the audience on a sweet journey to delirious delight.

Other hits served up included Human Nature with Britney Spears in a lift visible in a video on the large screens, Die Another Day, Into the Groove, Borderline, La Isla Bonita and Like a Prayer.

The atmosphere was upbeat but not out of control, the crowd respectful and reverent, middle-aged, married, with kids, just to remind us that Madge, despite her various incarnations over the years, firmly belongs in the 1980s and early 1990s.

source : portugalresident

Gwyneth Paltrow talked about Madonna on Oprah

Gwyneth Paltrow has credited Madonna with helping her to kick the baby blues following the birth of her son Moses – because the pop star’s wise words gave the Oscar winner the will to get on with her life.

The actress insists her pal’s reputation as a tough-talking, hard-living workaholic is not deserved because she has a caring side and often helps those closest to her through difficult periods.

Paltrow says, “She is one of the most caring women and then she’s also a very tough woman… She’s very wise and she has a very soft, soft side.”

Madonna’s best advice came during “a long wine-soaked dinner” as Paltrow was battling depression.

Paltrow adds, “She really helped me out of my post-natal depression. I had a very interesting talk with her one night… She was very wise about life’s bigger picture and when obstacles come up in our life it’s for a very specific reason – they’re there to teach us something that we haven’t learned yet.

“She kinda made me see that my post-natal depression was an opportunity for me to change certain things about the way I was living and the way I was going forward.

“She really sort of reorganised my molecules in that situation.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow talked about madonna on Oprah

source : female first

Sparro defends Madonna attack

Sam Sparro has defended his harsh attack on Madonna – insisting she’s “made a career” out of cutting comments like his.

The Black & Gold star caused a storm earlier this year when he called the pop veteran “vulgar” for attempting to be “hot again” at the age of 50.

And while he doesn’t regret blasting Madge, he believes his bitter words will have done her more good than harm.

He said: “I don’t regret saying it. Everyone took it a bit seriously. She can be vulgar.

“I find her a bit hard to believe sometimes. There’s a bit of a contradiction in what she’s presenting – she’s still trying to be this sexed-up thing.

“People say nasty s*** about Madonna all the time. She’s made a career out of it.”

However Sam – who’s currently working with Lindsay Lohan on some tracks for her comeback album – would be reluctant to collaborate with the Like A Virgin star, even if she forgave his criticism of her.

He added: “I know what I like to do creatively and if she’s willing to collaborate then maybe – but I don’t want to work for a dictator.”

source : the sun

Madonna nominated for MTV VMAs Latin America

South America fans! Madonna is nominated for the “Best International Pop Artist Award” at this year’s MTV VMAS Latin America. The ceremony will take place on October 16 and you can already vote for your favorite artist. Make sure to cast your vote by visiting MTV’s website now!

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Watch Madonna’s ‘Get Stupid’ Video Now

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The ‘Get Stupid’ video featured as an interlude during Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ show is now available from the ‘videos’ section of the site. Madonna wanted to share the important message from this video with everyone.
Please pass it on.

Madonna's Get Stupid Video