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Gossip : Ritchie’s father brands Madonna ‘beastly’

Guy Ritchie’s father has branded Madonna as “beastly” for her alleged concert jibes at his son following their divorce announcement.

The former couple confirmed on Wednesday they will divorce after almost eight years of marriage.

John Ritchie has spoken for the first time since the split and admitted it was “horrid” to read how the star appeared to call Ritchie an “emotional retard” during a concert on her Sticky & Sweet world tour in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday.

John Ritchie says, “She is being beastly, she is saying ‘Did you ever love me?’ It goes back to a time when she fell off her horse and she’s blaming him for that. She’s calling him an emotional retard. When he’s being bashed by her. It’s horrid.”

Ritchie claims his son was coping with the split by throwing himself into work.

He adds, “I haven’t spoken to Guy for a few days. He’s up to here with work.”

source : wenn