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Madge, you look tired and old, says Kylie’s stylist

The UK style guru turned designer who has worked with Kylie for 17 years, said in Sydney that while the Oz poppette has evolved her wardrobe, Madonna’s has stayed the same.

“It’s tricky when you are a pop star and growing older but there are plenty of ways of still looking hot,” Baker said.

He said Kylie’s most recent concert wardrobe, designed by French fashion name Jean-Paul Gaultier, had moved on to a more covered but sexy look.

“Kylie’s gone high fashion,” Baker said.

But he claimed Madonna’s concert style was tired.

“Over the years her concert clothes have always been really interesting but I didn’t think there was anything new this time.

“The camera shots of her are also still very crotch-centric and we’ve seen this all before,” he said.

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