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Madge’s divorce unsettling for adopted son, says African father

The real father of Madonna’s adopted son David is worried about the three-year-old’s future now that she is getting a divorce.

“I am still a poor farmer with nothing to offer, but maybe he would be better off back with us,” says Yohane Banda, who lives in a remote village of Malawi in Africa.

He saw a recent picture of David with Madonna on a crowded street in Athens. The youngster’s adopted father Guy Ritchie was not present. “He doesn’t look happy in this picture. He looks bewildered. If there is no love in the family, is there any love for him?”

Banda does not intend to intervene in Madonna’s marriage crisis but wants to know more about his son’s future. “All I wanted was for David to have a better life.”

The peasant farmer placed David in the Home of Hope orphanage at seven weeks old after his mother died from childbirth complications. When Madonna and Guy Ritchie adopted David two years ago his father was assured the little boy had a stable family life ahead of him.

But that dream has been turned on its head. David now faces a life spent shuttling across the Atlantic between Madonna and Guy’s homes once the divorce comes through.

Banda has since remarried and has a son and a step-daughter. He is sad that he has never heard from Madonna again. “I have never heard from her since the day I agreed to let her adopt David. She has sent no photographs or news. I suppose she just wants him for herself.”

Officials of Malawi’s ministry of women and child welfare are equally concerned about David’s fate. They hope that David’s future will be a priority in the divorce proceedings.

Justin Dzonzi, the lawyer who tried to prevent the adoption on behalf of 67 children’s rights groups, told Mail on Sunday: “The ideal in adoption cases is for lost parents to be replaced by a set of new parents. David is now losing his new parents, it is indescribably sad for him. There is no provision in Malawi law for us to take any steps now.”

source : ians