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More interviews with Eugene about ‘Filth and Wisdom’ and Madonna

So what was the rapport like with Madonna as your director? Is she as scary as she seems?

[Laughs] She’s only scary to people who read too many tabloids.


[Laughs] Sorry. But we were able to start on a fresh page and keep it fun. We became friends during the filmmaking and then performed at Live Earth together afterwards. She was very scrupulous with some of the actors, but I got off easy. A lot of other people experienced more actual directing. I was welcomed into the project on some special footing, so that gave me a lot of leeway.

New York Magazine Interview

Did you ever butt heads on the movie? You guys are both pretty opinionated.

You know, anybody who gets anything across is rumored to be butt-headed and opinionated, but it’s not necessarily so unsubtle in real life. It’s not like two people get together and just start battling each other’s wits out. It’s not like that at all. Plus, all people of the tribe have a kinship and understanding and respect for each other too, so they know exactly where you’re coming from. [laughs]… I think what creates a lot of that myth about the difficulties of hard-driven people is, you know, [laughs] their unending work ethic and ability to do twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen hour days if it needs to be done. Or more. So that’s nothing new for me, and that’s where the flow comes in again.

Premiere Magazine Interview

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