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Madonna News - October 2008

Madonna’s publicist: Settlement not yet finalized

Madonna’s divorce settlement with her estranged husband, Guy Ritchie, has yet to be finalized, the singer’s publicist said Sunday.

The Sun and The Mail on Sunday reported that the two had struck a deal over their finances and how to split their property. The Mail also reported that they had agreed to a custody arrangement for the couple’s children.

In a brief e-mail message sent to The Associated Press, Liz Rosenberg said she would not be commenting on media reports that the pop star and her film director husband had reached or were about to agree on how to share the couple’s multimillion-dollar fortune and custody of their children.

“I will not be commenting on the various reports regarding the divorce or of the settlement which has not been finalized,” Rosenberg said. A statement from Guy Ritchie’s representatives in London also declined comment.

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Madge’s divorce unsettling for adopted son, says African father

The real father of Madonna’s adopted son David is worried about the three-year-old’s future now that she is getting a divorce.

“I am still a poor farmer with nothing to offer, but maybe he would be better off back with us,” says Yohane Banda, who lives in a remote village of Malawi in Africa.

He saw a recent picture of David with Madonna on a crowded street in Athens. The youngster’s adopted father Guy Ritchie was not present. “He doesn’t look happy in this picture. He looks bewildered. If there is no love in the family, is there any love for him?”

Banda does not intend to intervene in Madonna’s marriage crisis but wants to know more about his son’s future. “All I wanted was for David to have a better life.”

The peasant farmer placed David in the Home of Hope orphanage at seven weeks old after his mother died from childbirth complications. When Madonna and Guy Ritchie adopted David two years ago his father was assured the little boy had a stable family life ahead of him.

But that dream has been turned on its head. David now faces a life spent shuttling across the Atlantic between Madonna and Guy’s homes once the divorce comes through.

Banda has since remarried and has a son and a step-daughter. He is sad that he has never heard from Madonna again. “I have never heard from her since the day I agreed to let her adopt David. She has sent no photographs or news. I suppose she just wants him for herself.”

Officials of Malawi’s ministry of women and child welfare are equally concerned about David’s fate. They hope that David’s future will be a priority in the divorce proceedings.

Justin Dzonzi, the lawyer who tried to prevent the adoption on behalf of 67 children’s rights groups, told Mail on Sunday: “The ideal in adoption cases is for lost parents to be replaced by a set of new parents. David is now losing his new parents, it is indescribably sad for him. There is no provision in Malawi law for us to take any steps now.”

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Liz Smith on Madonna

“My concerts are always my escape. I get onstage and I just forget everything but the music and the audience. The minute the lights go out, I’m back to … well, reality.”

That was Madonna, Monday night, at the after-party celebrating the premiere of her film directorial d

More interviews with Eugene about ‘Filth and Wisdom’ and Madonna

So what was the rapport like with Madonna as your director? Is she as scary as she seems?

[Laughs] She’s only scary to people who read too many tabloids.


[Laughs] Sorry. But we were able to start on a fresh page and keep it fun. We became friends during the filmmaking and then performed at Live Earth together afterwards. She was very scrupulous with some of the actors, but I got off easy. A lot of other people experienced more actual directing. I was welcomed into the project on some special footing, so that gave me a lot of leeway.

New York Magazine Interview

Did you ever butt heads on the movie? You guys are both pretty opinionated.

You know, anybody who gets anything across is rumored to be butt-headed and opinionated, but it’s not necessarily so unsubtle in real life. It’s not like two people get together and just start battling each other’s wits out. It’s not like that at all. Plus, all people of the tribe have a kinship and understanding and respect for each other too, so they know exactly where you’re coming from. [laughs]… I think what creates a lot of that myth about the difficulties of hard-driven people is, you know, [laughs] their unending work ethic and ability to do twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen hour days if it needs to be done. Or more. So that’s nothing new for me, and that’s where the flow comes in again.

Premiere Magazine Interview

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Gossip : Ritchie’s father brands Madonna ‘beastly’

Guy Ritchie’s father has branded Madonna as “beastly” for her alleged concert jibes at his son following their divorce announcement.

The former couple confirmed on Wednesday they will divorce after almost eight years of marriage.

John Ritchie has spoken for the first time since the split and admitted it was “horrid” to read how the star appeared to call Ritchie an “emotional retard” during a concert on her Sticky & Sweet world tour in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday.

John Ritchie says, “She is being beastly, she is saying ‘Did you ever love me?’ It goes back to a time when she fell off her horse and she’s blaming him for that. She’s calling him an emotional retard. When he’s being bashed by her. It’s horrid.”

Ritchie claims his son was coping with the split by throwing himself into work.

He adds, “I haven’t spoken to Guy for a few days. He’s up to here with work.”

source : wenn

Christopher Ciccone on Madonna’s Divorce

from the Sun :

Madonna’s brother says her split from husband Guy Ritchie was brought about by the singer’s devotion to Kabbalah.

Christopher Ciccone – who recently penned a tell-all book on his big sis – also says there is no chance of the star couple getting back together.

The gay interior decorator told German newspaper Bild: “The Kabbalah sect, to which Madonna is completely devoted, played a large role in this marriage.

“It was based on it. And that is not enough on which to base a marriage and it couldn’t have survived.

“As for a reconciliation – I really don’t think so. With two such ambitious and headstrong personalities, it would just be too hard.”

Christopher, who had a big falling out with Guy, added: “He is not the easiest guy to get along with. We don’t really see eye to eye.

“I really have no idea what my sister loved about him. I suppose I could have tried to stop her.

“But I always wanted to welcome those people whom Madonna let into her life. Whether it was Warren Beatty, Sean Penn or Carlos Leon.

“They were and are good friends of mine. Guy was the first who couldn’t bear how close Madonna and I were.”

Filth and Wisdom – New York Times Review

Pop go the dialectics in “Filth and Wisdom,” a tale of bumping and grinding your way to happiness from the hardest-working hard body in show business, that precision sex-and-beat machine turned first-time movie director known as Madonna. Set in London, the loosely threaded 84-minute story written by the Big M and Dan Cadan (a former crew member for her soon-to-be ex, Guy Ritchie) involves three roomies who are peddling body and soul in order to follow their different dreams, all of which should sound familiar to the Madonna faithful: music, dance and … saving impoverished African children.

Though she might be in an autobiographical mood, Madonna never appears on camera (two of her songs get a workout), letting the low-profile cast go through the motions and emotions for her. First and foremost is A. K. (Eugene Hutz, of the self-styled Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello), a Ukrainian musician who earns his keep British style by punishing naughty (adult) boys and dressing up in women’s clothing. A charismatic string bean adorned with gold hoop earrings and a kitten-sized mustache, A. K. shares a flat with Holly (Holly Weston), a ballerina with no discernable personality, and Juliette (Vicky McClure), a pharmacist’s aide whose obsession with African children leads to the worst line (and idea) in a movie this year: “She don’t know she’s starving too,” explains A. K.

She’s not really, though you might fervently wish that she were if not for the playful Mr. Hutz, who, whether loping through London or ogling the camera, lightens this otherwise heavy endeavor. Seriousness per se isn’t the problem (never is); the problem is the air of self-consciousness about being serious (or being taken as such), a tendency that has plagued Madonna’s own acting ever since her breezy 1985 breakout in “Desperately Seeking Susan.” That self-consciousness weighs on “Filth and Wisdom,” creating moments that are as cringe-inducing — Richard E. Grant as a professionally sensitive blind poet pulling books off his shelves in a rage — as the ill-advised director’s statement in which she name-drops Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Luchino Visconti.

Well, better Visconti than most. “Filth and Wisdom” is a ridiculously easy target, but it also creaks and strains with more ambition than most mainstream throwaways that just recycle the usual guns and poses. Not that Madonna has gone in for originality, which isn’t really her thing: rather, instead of repurposing a genre, she has riffled through the art-house catalog for inspiration, as evidenced by the film’s intentionally grubby visual texture, jumpy editing, direct-address commentary, freeze frames and other tricks. Although the somewhat rough visual style doesn’t feel especially organic or natural for a director who has built a slick international brand with mind-blowing calculation, it does keep you interested from scene to scene, which is a more generous compliment than it might seem.

As to that story: A. K. pines for Holly, who remains oblivious until she learns to love herself or something by becoming a pole dancer at a men’s club. Juliette learns something else, though I’m not sure what, partly by ducking and then embracing her infatuated boss, Sardeep (Inder Manocha), an Indian immigrant with a noisy brood and a jealous wife (Shobu Kapoor). Madonna spices up these human ingredients and others with light bondage and grave affirmations (there’s even some marital advice), and while her movie meanders hither and yon, it all works out because life is a giant virgin-whore paradox and filth leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to filth and Gogol Bordello leads to a merry blowout with horn blasts and yelps.