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Madonna News - October 2008

Madonna on the covers of Spanish Magazines

Go! (Seville Edition, September 2008)

Madonna on the cover of Go! (Seville Edition, September 2008)

Go! (Valencia Edition, September 2008)

Madonna on the cover of Go! (Valencia Edition, September 2008)

Pop Guide (September 2008)

Madonna on the cover of Pop Guide (September 2008)

Ronda Magazine (Iberia Promo Only, September 2008)

Madonna on the cover of Ronda Magazine (Iberia Promo Only, September 2008)

OK (September 24 2008)

Madonna on the cover of OK (September 24 2008)

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Posh gets shirty with Madonna

from The Sun :

Victoria Beckham splashes out on all the latest outfits – and some old ones, it appears.

Here she is wearing a retro Madonna tour T-shirt on her way to meeting up with celeb pal Gwen Stefani.

Posh gets shirty with Madonna

Madonna & A-Rod Didn’t Dine Out In NYC

Access Hollywood:

Madonna did not step out to dine with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, despite a report otherwise in Us Weekly, a source very close to the singer told Access.
On Thursday, Us Weekly claimed the two had a “cozy dinner for two at Dos Caminos third Avenue,” according to a source.
The two reportedly ate at the back of the restaurant and “seemed very close,” the source claimed in the magazine.
But, a source close to the star told Access Hollywood that the story is completely false.
“They did not have dinner,” the source said.
When contacted by Access Hollywood, a spokesperson for Us Weekly said the magazine stands by their story.

Page Six :

Reps for Madonna and Alex Rodriguez deny the two dined together at Dos Caminos on Third Avenue the other night. But sources insist the Yankee star broke bread with Madge and two male friends. “Madonna entered through the front door half an hour after A-Rod arrived and had her security guards check the exits before she sat down at a quiet corner table,” said one source. Madonna had the men laughing with her stories. When the meal was over, they left by separate exits.

Gossip : Madonna and A-Rod Dine Together in NYC

From US Weekly :

Madonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez took in a cozy dinner for two at Dos Caminos Third Avenue on Tuesday, a source told

They pair ate at an alcove-like table in the back.

“They seemed very close,” a source told

See all of Madonna’s former loves.

Rodriguez, who has donated money to her charity Raising Malawi, has yet to discuss the extent of his relationship with Madonna.

Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia settled their divorce in September.

Cynthia’s attorney, Earle Lilly, told Us that Rodriguez had an “affair of the heart” with Madonna.

In July – after more than four years of marriage – Cynthia filed for divorce, citing her husband’s alleged infidelity. The filing came shortly after Us Weekly broke the news that the slugger had been paying late-night visits to Madonna’s NYC apartment. (Madonna, who is married to Guy Richie, denied an affair, saying they were just friends.)

Their relationship came to light, a week after The Times of London reported that Madonna met with high-powered British divorce attorney Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his split from Heather Mills.

According to The Times, Ritchie met with a lesser-known law firm, Forsters.

Rodriguez was smitten with Madonna six months before the scandal broke.

“He [said] he was in love her,” a friend of A-Rod recalled to Us.

By February, A-Rod had upped the ante. “”He said, ‘She’s my f–king soulmate, dude,'” the friend said.

Madonna returns home after European tour

Live Nation’s Press Release :

Following one of the most successful runs in European concert history, Madonna returns to the U.S. for the start of her mammoth Sticky & Sweet Tour with five sold out shows in the New York area. The Sticky & Sweet Tour is scheduled to open October 4th at New Jersey’s Izod Arena with four Madison Square Garden dates to follow on October 6, 7, 11 and 12, it was confirmed today by Live Nation, the tour’s international promoter.

“Now that I’ve warmed up in Europe, I’m ready to come home and do the show for my U.S. fans,” remarked Madonna about her tour that includes 3500 wardrobe elements, 36 clothing designers, 100 pairs of kneepads, 12 trampolines, 69 guitars, a traveling personnel of 250, five keyboards for Kevin Antunes the musical director, three members of the Russian Romani (Gypsy) group the Kolpakov Trio, 18 dancers, one set of Swavorski crystal encrusted ear phones and one Material Girl.

Some of the rave reviews thus far: “In the premiere league of song-and-dance spectaculars, the queen of pop remains unrivalled and undefeated” raved the London Times. “Those who took in this spectacular opening to Madonna’s world tour have seen anything as slick, innovative and energetic in recent months, then please point it out. The choreography, visuals and live talent were world class and mind-blowingly well executed, intelligent and witty” glowed The Independent (UK).

Following the NY area performances, The Sticky & Sweet Tour is scheduled to play multiple dates in North America including Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Oakland and Denver before wrapping up in Miami on November 26th.

The tour then travels to Mexico City where the scheduled November 29th and 30th shows sold 100,000 tickets in just three hours. The South American leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour has had a phenomenal response as well. With three shows and over 210,000 tickets already sold, a fourth performance was just added on December 3rd in Buenos Aires, followed by sold out performances in Santiago December 10 and 11, Rio De Janeiro on December 14 and 15 and Sao Paulo December l8, 20 and 21 due to unprecedented demand.

Getting the look: Madonna makeup artist Gina Brooke spills

Madonna's face chart

Madonna is the queen of reinvention, but for her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, her makeup takes inspiration from a familiar face: Her own.

“The look is about her being Madonna. Quintessentially, Madonna’s look is about black eyeliner,” said Gina Brooke, Madonna’s makeup artist and director of artistry for shu uemera. Brooke told us about designing the eye-centric look for the tour, which hits Madison Square Garden next week..

What’s the inspiration for the look?
The look is not conceptual. It is about Madonna being inspired by herself.

How did you come up with the look?
I usually go in two-and-a-half weeks before the tour to watch the show and get ideas. I present images to Madonna on a storyboard. But the funny thing is that [one day] she said to me, ‘Give me a quick eye.’ I had a palette with neutral colors of eyeshadow and liner. I took my finger, dipped it into a shadow, put it on the lids, and took liner and added little lines. That’s the look we used.

How can women re-create Madonna’s eye?
What may work on Madonna may not work on somebody who has a different eye. Madonna has very big eyes. When you have larger eyes, it’s best to focus on the outer corners. You want to focus on inner part of the eye if you have smaller eyes.

How do you keep Madonna’s makeup from running when she sweats?
The key to having makeup not move is prepping skin. If skin is exfoliated and hydrated, all I have to do is add powder or blotting papers during the show. And I can’t work without face masks. Women wonder, ‘How does this person get this look?’ They think it’s rocket science but it’s not.

source :

Sticky & Sweet Tour – Boxscores from Billboard

Madonna, Bob Sinclar Stade De France – Paris, France – Sept. 20-21, 2008
138,163 / 138,163
2 / 2
$216.23, $27.10
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Paul Oakenfold Wembley Stadium – London, England – Sept. 11, 2008
73,349 / 73,349
1 / 1
$281.05, $114.18
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Dubendorf Airfield – Zurich, Switzerland – Aug. 30, 2008
70,314 / 70,314
1 / 1
$272.37, $122.57
Live Nation Global Touring/Good News

Madonna, Robyn Olympic Stadium – Athens, Greece – Sept. 27, 2008
75,637 / 75,637
1 / 1
$332.02, $79.69
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Danube Island – Vienna, Austria – Sept. 23, 2008
57,002 / 57,002
1 / 1
$367.97, $114.81
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Amsterdam Arena – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Sept. 2, 2008
50,588 / 50,588
1 / 1
$156.79, $85.65
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Parque da Bela Vista – Lisbon, Portugal – Sept. 14, 2008
75,000 / 75,000
1 / 1
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Olympiastadion – Berlin, Germany – Aug. 28, 2008
47,368 / 47,368
1 / 1
$242.34, $88.12
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Commerzbank-Arena – Frankfurt, Germany – Sept. 9, 2008
39,543 / 39,543
1 / 1
$311.48, $84.95
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Benny Benassi Stadio Olimpico – Rome, Italy – Sept. 6, 2008
57,690 / 57,690
1 / 1
$178.33, $85.60
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna Millennium Stadium – Cardiff, Wales – Aug. 23, 2008
33,460 / 33,460
1 / 1
$280.14, $102.72
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo – Valencia, Spain – Sept. 18, 2008
50,143 / 50,143
1 / 1
$330.55, $89.25
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Estadio Olimpico – Sevilla, Spain – Sept. 16, 2008
47,712 / 59,258
1 / 0
$212.89, $102.19
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn LTU Arena – Dusseldorf, Germany – Sept. 4, 2008
35,014 / 35,014
1 / 1
$238.59, $93.99
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Stade Charles-Ehrmann – Nice, France – Aug. 26, 2008
41,483 / 41,483
1 / 1
$249.09, $80.59
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna, Robyn Jez Beach – Budva, Montenegro – Sept. 25, 2008
47,524 / 47,524
1 / 1
$291.84, $51.07
Live Nation Global Touring

What it feels like to work for Madonna

Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet Tour” touches down in the New York area Saturday for five sold-out dates. The extravagant production has already broken attendance records in Europe and is sure to do the same here.

But the Queen of Pop is only as good as her courtiers. A skilled creative team carefully collaborates to match Madonna’s tour theme with costumes, choreography and video clips.

And with multiple themes, that’s no easy task. Four different acts move Madonna through her set list. It starts with “Pimp,” paying tribute to gangstas, then “Old School,” which honors her early days in New York. A “Gypsy” act is next, followed by “Rave” – featuring dance hits and robot-like fashions.

Here are some of the hardworking staffers who make it all happen:


AGE: Won’t say

JOB: Costume designer

HOURS: 13 hours a day, 6-7 days a week

MONTHS ON THE JOB: 4; she started prepping for the tour in May, and then attended the first three shows in Europe. Phillips worked on Madonna’s previous four tours and has helped wardrobe the star offstage for 11 years.

How many costumes did you have to put together for the show?

There are 25 performers besides Madonna who change six to eight times. Madonna has eight costume changes. And everyone gets doubles of everything, including the shoes, to last the duration of the tour. Madonna sometimes has up to six copies of one particular outfit so that it always looks fresh and great.

What lengths do you go to to track down pieces or materials?

We develop a lot of her clothes ourselves. So we go to the end of the earth if we have to to find the right fabric. Or if we have shoes made, we collaborate with wonderful people at Miu Miu and Prada. Madonna gets to play different characters, whether it’s a sexy robot or a gypsy.

Which is your favorite of the four acts in terms of the clothing designs?

That’s like asking me to choose which child is my favorite. But I particularly love the rave/futuristic section. It was daunting because I always have issues with futuristic costumes. I wanted to make sure that it was going to have some value to the contemporary eye and mean something. We came up with this hybrid of Sexy Robot Joan of Arc for Madonna.

What was the toughest act to design costumes for?

Developing the “Old School” section was tricky and it took a lot of prototypes. That particular costume, which I thought initially would be the easiest because she was being herself in the early ’80s and it’s the most casual, was the most difficult to develop because of the choreography and the active quality in that section. Also, we had to make sure that it was theatrically worthy and exciting enough for the audience.

What was the result?

A pair of jersey shorts that changes color depending on what night you’re there. There’s a T-shirt that Prada made for us, a little hoodie that we made with Swarovski crystals. Everything is embellished with Swarovski crystals. We have over $1 million worth of crystals in the show. We’re very sensitive to the fact that Madonna’s performing in stadiums and not just arenas like last time, so we want to make sure that everyone can see her and the dancers. So the crystals are really helpful.


AGE: in his 30s

JOB: show director

HOURS: about 16 hours per day, including e-mailing through the night, 6-7 days per week.

MONTHS ON THE JOB: more than 4

This is the fourth tour you’ve directed for Madonna. Why did the two of you decide to do four separate acts?

In the “Drowned World” tour in 2000, we established that four-act sectionalizing of the show, so we’ve just stayed with that format. It’s good for us creatively because it allows us to change the look of the set, the stage, [and] adapt song arrangements.

Madonna’s perched on top of a car in one scene from the show. What’s that about?

We used an old-fashion car in our “Pimp” section. We thought if we were going to pimp it out, let’s not do something contemporary, but let’s do our own version of a classy pimp and what that would look like. So our car looks more like a Rolls-Royce, but we still blinged it out. The license plate says M Dollar and it’s for a song called, “The Beat Goes On.”

And why does she jump rope at one point?

She’s doing Double Dutch, which was birthed in the streets of New York City. It’s in our “Old School” section and Double Dutch is really of that kind of early breaking, pop-locking period on the streets.

You’ve directed recent tours by the Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin. How does working for Madonna compare?

I don’t know any other artist who pushes the envelope more than Madonna. It’s because she’s always willing to try new things and wants to explore.

The “Sticky & Sweet” tour recently stirred up controversy with a video montage that’s shown during the song “Get Stupid,” which compares John McCain to Hitler. How did that come about?

Madonna is very political, and it’s important for us to always express every side of her when she goes onstage because her show is an extension of her. Madonna’s changed the views of the world and how things are perceived – whether it be sex or politics or image, and since she’s very political, we have to incorporate that into the show.

Is there any concern it might alienate fans who may be Republicans or fans of McCain?

Madonna’s message has always been stand for what you believe in, no matter what it is.

At what point do you get to sit back and enjoy the show?

I never stop freaking out. I’m always nervous and I think that’s the great thing about both Madonna and me. We’re always nervous because we want to make sure that the audience gets a great show.


AGE: 43

JOB: Video clip director for “Die Another Day”

HOURS: Four or five hours per day for two or three weeks, including research and preparation; video was shot in one day.

You directed a video of Madonna boxing for the song “Die Another Day” that’s shown during a break. Why is that an important part of the show?

It’s played on three enormous monitors while Madonna is changing, so she’s not actually on stage. The video keeps everyone entertained while she’s off [stage]. And then there are dancers on stage – two guys who are choreographed in a dance-move boxing thing.

Where’d you shoot the video?

We shot it at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn in June. It was a one-day shoot. The preparation for it was a lot longer because I did all the lighting as well, which was quite involved. So we had a day to set up the props and create the environment, a day to test the lighting, and then, on the third day, we shot Madonna. I also shot all the stills for the tour book, so it was a busy day.

How does Madonna compare with other artists you’ve shot?

Madonna is the biggest icon in pop culture, and she’s an incredibly inspiring subject. In my career, I haven’t worked with anybody that gives as much to the camera and the creative process as Madonna has done. And for a photographer/director, that’s a great treat because you can only do your best if you’re being given the material to work with.

source : nydailynews

Michael Parkinson on Madonna

Michael Parkinson with Madonna in 2005

…We always refused to accept any preconditions on an interview. That is why I never interviewed Barbra Streisand and why it took many years before I finally interviewed Madonna.

I had moved to ITV before we managed to persuade her to do a one-woman show without any preconditions. She turned out to be so bright, frank and funny it made you wonder what the previous debate had been about.

Hers is an extraordinary story of determination and hard work and the perfect antidote to the celebrity pap fed to today’s wannabes. Anyone wanting to succeed in the music business, or indeed any other business, should watch the interview and learn what it really takes to get to the top.

One of the fascinations of working with divas is in finding out the duties of the entourage. What, exactly, do all those people do?

Observing Madonna, in a recording break, surrounded by her worker bees, I was fascinated to see that one assistant, armed only with a cotton bud on the end of a stick, was trained in a manoeuvre, which, as far as I could make out, was designed to make certain Madonna’s nose was free from bogies….

full article

source : mail on sunday

Filth and Wisdom in US theatres : Oct 17th

In theaters: October 17, 2008

Filth and Wisdom - US Poster

Madonna’s directorial debut, Filth and Wisdom, is a hilariously sexy tale of three roommates who must delve into mischievous and naughty behavior in pursuit of bigger and brighter futures. A Ukrainian immigrant, A.K. (Eugene Hutz), finances his dreams of ‘trans-continental superstardom’ with his band, Gogol Bordello, by turning tricks as a role-playing cross dresser. As A.K. literally whips the privileged of London into shape, he also secretly pines for the object of his affection, Holly (Holly Weston), an aspiring ballerina looking for her big break while moonlighting as a slippery stripper. Meanwhile, Juliette (Vicky Mclure) steals medicine from her pharmaceutical job in hopes of quenching her dreams of helping Africa’s youth. FILTH AND WISDOM is every bit as erotic and playful as it is poignant and touching, revealing the universal struggles we all face in our pursuits of happiness.

Cast:Eugene Hutz, Holly Weston, Vicky McClure, Richard E. Grant

Trailer :

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