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Rumour : Sticky And Sweet coming to Australia

First Madonna was coming to Australia. And then she wasn’t coming. Now this morning on Channel Seven’s Sunrise Molly Meldrum confirmed that Madonna is infact bringing her Sticky And Sweet Tour to Australia after all, and it could be as early as January 2009.

According to Sunrise there are two promoters fighting over Madonna right now, and ticket prices are yet to be confirmed. It’s also unknown whether she will bring the entire stage and production elements of the Sticky And Sweet Tour, or if it will be a scaled back version of the show.

Media reported on the last round of negotiations, alleging that Madonna was offered “millions of dollars” to play two stadium gigs in Sydney and Melbourne. Whether the current offers will see her touring to more Australian cities remains to be seen.

Madonna hasn’t toured here since her Girlie Show in November 1993.

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