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Madonna News - November 2008

Sticky & Sweet Tour – More Boxscores from Billboard

All sell outs !!

Madonna Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y. – Oct. 6-7, 11-12, 2008
61,586 / 61,586
4 / 4
$350, $60
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna Air Canada Centre – Toronto, Ontario – Oct. 18-19, 2008
34,324 / 34,324
2 / 2
$296.28, $50.79
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna United Center – Chicago, Ill. – Oct. 26-27, 2008
30,968 / 30,968
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna Bell Centre – Montreal, Quebec – Oct. 22-23, 2008
34,301 / 34,301
2 / 2
$278.58, $47.76
Live Nation Global Touring/Gillett Entertainment Group

Madonna B.C. Place Stadium – Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct. 30, 2008
52,712 / 52,712
1 / 1
$287.83, $45.23
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna Oracle Arena – Oakland, Calif. – Nov. 1-2, 2008
28,198 / 28,198
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna TD Banknorth Garden – Boston, Mass. – Oct. 15-16, 2008
26,611 / 26,611
2 / 2
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

Madonna Izod Center – East Rutherford, N.J. – Oct. 4, 2008
16,896 / 16,896
1 / 1
$350, $55
Live Nation Global Touring

source : billboard

boxscores for european tour dates

Sticky & Sweet Tour in Denver – Review

There’s a reason that Madonna’s been around as long as she has: She’s among the last of the bigger-than-life performers. Although her outsized, oversexed persona has often preceded her — from her highly publicized flings to her tawdry acts of salaciousness over the years, she was TMZ headline fodder before there was such a thing — her showmanship trumps all of that, as she deftly proved last night with a meticulously choreographed set at the Pepsi Center. A consummate pro, Madonna is an icon who’s virtually unmatched as a performer.

An ostentatious Vegas-worthy presentation, replete with arresting visuals played on giant, morphable Time Square-esque JumboTrons and half a dozen dexterous dancers, the show was heavy on spectacle, if light on musicianship. Although Madonna offered up some serviceable rhythm guitar work on several numbers (most notably on the rocked-up version of “Borderline”), her crack band mostly held things down, particularly vocal doppelg

Katy Perry on meeting Madonna

The I Kissed A Girl singer, who is fast-tracking to fame with her outrageous outfits and stage antics, was so nervous about meeting her heroine Madonna she nearly threw up on her.

Katy had a family of butterflies in her stomach and was so weak at the knees she was convinced she would collapse or hurl at any minute.

She said: “Madonna invited me to one of her shows – I was summoned by the queen herself.

“I went backstage and I am never usually nervous but I lost it. I got so weak in the knees and I thought I was going to throw up.”

Katy added: “But I needn’t have worried. She was cool. She was so petite. She comes up to my chest and I thought she was supposed to be a giant.”

source : the sun

Madonna wins “Best Selling American Artist” Award

Madonna was named “Best Selling American Artist” of the year during the 20th annual World Music Awards ceremony, which was held in Monte Carlo last night. This World Music award is in recognition for Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ having the highest global sales for an artist from the United States this year.
Congratulations Madonna!!

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Madonna denies late-night studio sessions

Neighbors in Madge’s swanky Central Park West building have been complaining about noise from the pop star’s new music studio, which she carved out of a seventh-floor apartment she battled to buy.

Madge sued her co-op board at the Harperley Hall apartments last year when they tried to block her from purchasing an extra apartment in the building, where she already has a residence on the 12th floor.

She won the fight and nabbed the apartment for $7 million in April 2007, with plans to convert it into an office for Ritchie. Now that the pair have split, Madonna has turned the space into a music studio. With all the practicing she’s been doing for her current tour, neighbors have gotten several rude awakenings.

“They asked her for a schedule of when she would practice, but she hasn’t adhered to it,” spills our building spy. “The music is playing at all hours of the night, and the noise from the drums and the bass blares through the walls.”

A rep for the singer said, “Madonna does not stay up till all hours of the night … so I can’t imagine there is any validity to this story. She needs her rest. She’s a working girl, you know.”

source : nydailynews

Tracy Chapman on Madonna

Is it harder for women in the industry in general?

“Definitely,” she says. “I was trying to make a case for Madonna the other day, saying that she’s to be admired for her longevity in a genre that has mostly been for younger acts. Men are able to sustain a career into their 50s and 60s and still present themselves as sex symbols. With women on the other hand, people say, ‘Why doesn’t she retire?’ It’s just so unfair. So I have to give props to Madonna.”

source : guardian