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Madonna News - November 2008

Madonna denies late-night studio sessions

Neighbors in Madge’s swanky Central Park West building have been complaining about noise from the pop star’s new music studio, which she carved out of a seventh-floor apartment she battled to buy.

Madge sued her co-op board at the Harperley Hall apartments last year when they tried to block her from purchasing an extra apartment in the building, where she already has a residence on the 12th floor.

She won the fight and nabbed the apartment for $7 million in April 2007, with plans to convert it into an office for Ritchie. Now that the pair have split, Madonna has turned the space into a music studio. With all the practicing she’s been doing for her current tour, neighbors have gotten several rude awakenings.

“They asked her for a schedule of when she would practice, but she hasn’t adhered to it,” spills our building spy. “The music is playing at all hours of the night, and the noise from the drums and the bass blares through the walls.”

A rep for the singer said, “Madonna does not stay up till all hours of the night … so I can’t imagine there is any validity to this story. She needs her rest. She’s a working girl, you know.”

source : nydailynews

Tracy Chapman on Madonna

Is it harder for women in the industry in general?

“Definitely,” she says. “I was trying to make a case for Madonna the other day, saying that she’s to be admired for her longevity in a genre that has mostly been for younger acts. Men are able to sustain a career into their 50s and 60s and still present themselves as sex symbols. With women on the other hand, people say, ‘Why doesn’t she retire?’ It’s just so unfair. So I have to give props to Madonna.”

source : guardian

Sean Penn: Guy Ritchie Will Shine, Post-Madonna

Sean Penn took a subtle swipe at former wife Madonna – suggesting that her latest soon-to-be ex, movie director Guy Ritchie, might enjoy a career resurgence after their split.

“What’s my ‘British’ thing to say?” mused Penn, 48, while accepting BAFTA/LA’s Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film at Thursday’s Britannia Awards ceremony in Century City. “Guy Ritchie is back!”

Penn’s jab, which prompted a delayed-reaction roar of laughter and applause from the largely English audience, came on the heels of another Madonna-based punchline from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who presented his friend with the award.

Following a compilation of clips from Penn’s distinguished acting and directing career – he is about to star in the biopic Milk – Anderson noted, “They never show Shanghai Surprise,” a reference to the notorious 1986 flop starring the then-married Penn and Madonna. (The two were married from 1985 to 1989.)

Anderson’s zinger sent Penn into a fit of giggles.

“But Dead Man Walking makes up for it,” insisted Anderson.

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Madonna says it’s time US says “I do” to gay marriage

Pop star Madonna said it was a shame the United States could put a black man in the White House but not allow same-sex marriage, rocking on her world tour with guests Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Voters approved a proposal in Tuesday’s presidential elections which amended the California’s constitution to say that only marriages between men and women are recognized in the state.

The decision came only six months after California’s Supreme Court overturned a previous ban on same-sex marriage, paving the way for thousands of gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot in the state.

“If we can elect an African-American as president, we can support gay marriage!,” Madonna shouted to 20,000 fans at Dodger Stadium late Thursday, referring to president-elect Barack Obama. “Defeat Prop 8! We will not give up!.

“I am sorry we did not win Proposition 8. If we can have an African-American in the White House, we can have gay marriage,” insisted the 50-year-old pop star who is divorcing her husband British director Guy Ritchie.

Spears joined Madonna to sing the last verse of “Human Nature.” Capping the fleeting duet, Madonna shouted: “I’m not your bitch!” then pointed to Spears, adding: “She’s not your bitch.”

Later Madonna danced and sang her duet with Spears’ ex Timberlake, “4 Minutes,” as stars such as singer Fergie, Drew Barrymore, Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the show.

source : afp