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John Ritchie Says Guy Is Better Off Without Madonna

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s split may have looked ugly, but Guy’s dad, John, tells In Touch that filing for divorce last October was a smart move.
“The worst thing would be if they reconciled,” John says. “Guy is better off. He’s in the States with the children at the moment.”
John notes that his former daughter-in-law is also moving on just fine. “She’s been here with a chap, a friend of hers,” he says.
“We hope she does have a lot of boyfriends because it means she won’t ever get back together with Guy!” And, despite reports that the exes were fighting over their kids, Rocco, 8, and David, 3, Guy’s father says they’ve worked it out.
“There are no big arguments between them. All they discuss is the children,” he says. “Guy is generally quite happy with the arrangements, provided the children come to London when he wants them to. If she makes that difficult, he will have to rethink how they are managing custody, but so far she hasn’t.”
Madonna is reportedly dating other men. “Guy doesn’t care at all,” says his dad. “At least she won’t be looking for him.”

source : in touch