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Madonna meets with David’s dad, confirms adoption plans

Pop star Madonna and her adopted son met with the young boy’s biological father in Malawi as the singer awaited a court decision on whether she could adopt a girl from the same country, her publicist said Tuesday.

Liz Rosenberg said in a statement that Madonna and her son David met Monday with David’s birth father, Yohanne Banda, for the first time since the young boy was adopted in 2006.

“Madonna is committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with David’s Malawian roots,” Rosenberg said.

The publicist also confirmed, in the first public acknowledgment of what has been reported for weeks, that Madonna has filed an application “to adopt Mercy James, a 3-year-old girl Madonna met two years ago in an orphanage that she visited.”

A spokeswoman for Malawi’s attorney general told CNN that the singer appeared Monday in court in that country, one of the poorest nations in the world, for a hearing on whether she would be allowed to adopt the girl.

Madonna is to return to court Friday to hear the judge’s decision in the matter, spokeswoman Zione Ntaba said.

The child’s family will have to give their permission for the adoption to proceed, according to Martin Geissler, a reporter for the ITN television network who is in Malawi.

Madonna has been involved with Malawi for several years. She made a documentary, “I Am Because We Are,” which highlighted poverty, AIDS and other diseases devastating that country’s children. She also helps run a nonprofit, Raising Malawi, which implements initiatives to help the needy in the southeastern African nation.

source : cnn

Madonna’s adoption ruling delayed until Friday

A Malawi court official says Madonna won’t know until Friday whether she will be allowed to adopt a 4-year-old girl as her second child from the southern African nation.

Court official Thomson Ligowe confirmed that Madonna’s adoption application has been adjourned by the court until the end of the week.

The 50-year-old pop star appeared in court Monday and left about an hour later. It was not immediately known whether any of the girl’s relatives were present.

The one adoption case on Monday’s court docket listed only the child’s name — Chifundo James. The girl’s name means “Mercy” in the local language.

Madonna has not commented on the adoption and did not speak to reporters Monday morning.

source : ap

Madonna in Malawi for second adoption

US pop star Madonna arrived in Malawi on Sunday to adopt a second child from the impoverished nation and started off a new controversy over fast-track foreign adoptions.

A private jet carrying the 50-year-old pop star and her entourage landed on a runway reserved for cargo planes at Lilongwe’s Kamuzu international airport.

She left the airport in a convoy of four vehicles and went to the village of Chinkhota with her 12-year-old daughter Lourdes but made no comment to reporters about the new adoption.

Madonna’s lawyer, Alan Chinula, is to file papers in the Lilongwe high court on Monday to adopt Mercy James from an orphanage in southern Malawi, according to a court official.

A controversy, similar to a dispute that erupted when Madonna adopted a son, David Banda, in Malawi in 2006, has blown up over her latest plans.

The Malawi charity Eye of the Child has called on the Malawi government to tighten legislation to protect children. Its director Maxwell Matewere said the Madonna case had created a precedent that is “dangerous for vulnerable children.”

British charity Save the Children said that a child was best off in its own country and urged celebrities to think twice before taking on a new family member.

“The best place for a child is in his or her family in their community,” Save the Children spokesman Dominic Nutt said.

“Save The Children believes that international adoption should only be considered if the child is a genuine orphan, if all other alternatives in their own country have been genuinely exhausted.”

Nutt warned that international adoption could worsen the problem it sought to solve, and that the practice could be “big business” for “unscrupulous adoption agencies.”

According to the British press, Mercy James’s grandmother is opposed to the adoption and wants custody of the girl when she is six.

Madonna first saw Mercy James, who is aged about three, during her first visit to Malawi in 2006 to adopt David.

David is meant to be on this trip and his biological father, Yohane Banda, told AFP on Sunday he would be allowed to see his son for the first time in three years.

“I have been told by officials of Raising Malawi that I will see my son. I am excited about it,” Banda, 34, said in a telephone interview. Raising Malawi is a foundation set up by Madonna.

The father said he last saw David in 2006. David was in an orphanage for the children of AIDS victims, where he was placed by his father following the death of his mother.

The pop singer was accused then of using her fame and wealth to fast-track the process because Malawi does not have inter-country adoption legislation.

Madonna was given a provisional 18-month custody which was made permanent last May.

Madonna was quoted in local reports saying she wanted David “to stay connected to his Malawi culture… to keep him closely connected to his cultural heritage.”

But she has since been in the news again because of her divorce from British film producer Guy Ritchie, with whom she had a son Rocco, now aged eight. Her daughter Lourdes comes from another relationship.

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest nations, with more than half of the population of 12 million living on less than one dollar a day. Madonna has a personal fortune estimated at several hundred million dollars.

source : afp

Madonna: ‘Glad’ to Be Single

She has been stepping out with model Jesus Luz recently, but Madonna is decidedly single – and happy to Tweet about it.

The singer – who is planning to adopt again from the African nation of Malawi – took to Twitter on March 25 in response to a comment posted to her pal Guy Oseary’s account. “hello madonna,” writes the poster, “honey am glad you are single again – you made your best music as a single woman! yeehaw!”

Tweeting back, Oseary wrote that he was sitting with Madonna, 50, and that she had this reply: “NOT AS GLAD AS I AM! M”

PEOPLE has confirmed that the comment indeed came from Oseary’s account.

Madonna’s divorce from director Guy Ritchie was finalized in December.

Madonna’s Documentary about Adopting in Malawi on

Madonna’s documentary about adopting in Malawi has just been released online at

In Malawi, a country of 12 million people, so many children without parents has caused irreparable damage. This film attempts to explore what is going on in the heads and hearts of these orphans, and what the future holds for them. Follow real-life stories of children and the parents who have died, and explore all sides of the dilemma, from the responsibility to the victim mentality. Narrated by Madonna with interviews with Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu.

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Madonna has filed Malawi adoption papers

Madonna may soon have another child. The singer is heading back to Malawi, government officials tell Reuters, and AP is reporting that an official at the Malawi welfare department said today the pop star has filed adoption papers. Another person in Malawi close to the case tells AP that a Malawi court could hear her adoption case as soon as Monday.

She is expected to bring her Malawian son David (shown here in 1997) on the trip. “We expect her over the weekend or earlier than that…but without a doubt she is coming before the end of this month,” the official at the Ministry of Gender and Child Development told Reuters. Madonna is also expected to visit a site where her charity, Raising Malawi, will start building a multi-million dollar school for girls, the official said.

source: ap

Guy Oseary on Madonna’s Greatest Hits, Tour DVD etc

Q: What are the plans, if any, for a Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD/CD Release? Will it include a tour documentary?

A: We plan on having the DVD/CD come out in the fall, hopefully in November. Nathan Rissman shot hours and hours of b-roll. We will edit it down and definitely include highlights in the DVD.

Q: Now that Madonna has decided to extend her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, is there any chance for her to release a 4th single off her ‘Hard Candy’ album?

A: I don’t see that happening.

Q: Could you tell us more about the new Greatest Hits to be released by Warner Bros? Will it include unreleased tracks? Is there a release date available?

A: We are trying to get two new tracks on the album. But not sure if they should be “never before heard” gems, or simply start from scratch. She is thinking about doing something dance and up tempo, so stay tuned….

Q: Will this summer’s show be the exact same as last year’s? Will Madonna make some changes to the set list, costumes?

A: Mostly it will be the same, with an added surprise song to the show. Again, stay tuned.

Q: Will Madonna release some unreleased songs or demos from her past albums at some point?

A: At some point, would love to do something amazing with the remixes and demos. Thanks to you guys for many of your suggestions on this, they are all being considered.

Q: Why wasn’t Australia included in the tour itinerary and will she visit Australia anytime soon?

A: Madonna really needs to go to Australia!! Its a must…and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure we get there next time Madonna tours. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for this tour. She appreciates her Aussie fans coming to many of the shows. Israel never missed one show in Europe or South America and he waved his Australian flag at every single show. We are long over due for a trip down under and apologize for that, it will happen.

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Malawi responds to Madonna adoption report

The Malawian government has responded to reports that Madonna is considering adopting a second child from the country.

According to the Malawi Nation newspaper, the singer is thinking about giving adopted son David a Malawian sibling but will only continue with her plans if she has the support of the public.

However, a spokesperson for the ministry of child and women development told AFP that any efforts to win over the locals would be fruitless because the decision will ultimately rest with the courts.

“It’s not pre-conceived,” said Cyrus Jeke. “A high court judge must be convinced about the adoption.”

The government previously came under fire for supporting Madonna’s adoption of David Banda, which was finalised last year, because the star was not a Malawian citizen and had not resided in the country for the usual one-year period required by law.

source : digitalspy

Madonna’s Raising Malawi Auction

From April 2nd a special auction benefiting Raising Malawi will be featured on Ebay! The auction will include some “very special items” and copies of the “I Am Because We Are” book autographed by Madonna!

More info can be found at :

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Madonna nominated for 2 MTV Video Music Awards Japan

Best Video from a Film
AI “Okuribito” from “Okuribito(Departures)”
Jack White & Alicia Keys “Another Way to Die” from “Quantum of Solace”
Madonna “4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland” from “Get Smart”
Monobright “Ano Toumeikan to Shonen” from “Afterschool”
Remioromen “Yume no Tsubomi” from “Kansen Retto”

Best Collaboration Video
Anna Tsuchiya feat. AI “Crazy World”
Madonna “4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland”
Nelly and Fergie “Party People”
Schadaraparr+Kaela Kimura “Hey! Hey! Alright”
T.I. “Live Your Life feat. Rihanna”

The MTV VMAJ 09 awards are decided by the viewers and music fans who can vote for either Japanese or international artists nominated in the same category. The voting period is from March 18 through May 1 and can be accessed via web and mobile at