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Jesus’ mother denies Madonna slur

Jesus Luz’s mother Christiane has denied criticising her son’s relationship with Madonna.

Christiane was recently quoted as saying she believes the megastar “kidnapped” Jesus and is controlling his every move. However, she now says this is not what she thinks.

“All I will say is that I was misquoted. I don’t know Madonna, but I know my son, and I know him to be very sensible. I think he knows what he’s doing. I would like to hear from him more, yes. But boys his age don’t report everything they’re doing back to their mothers, do they?” she told Hello! magazine.

Christiane also refuses to stand by published accusations that Madonna was “brainwashing” her son in the ways of the Kabbalah. “That’s all been blown out of proportion. I guess this is what happens when normal people get caught up in someone else’s crazy world.”