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Madonna in Cut-Rate Concert ?

Pop star Madonna will be paid her “lowest-ever” fee for a concert in St. Petersburg in August, the concert’s promoter said Wednesday.

The singer will perform on Palace Square on Aug. 2 as part of her “Sticky & Sweet” tour. She won’t visit Moscow.

“It will be the lowest fee in the whole history of Madonna. Madonna really will receive little. She wanted to come to St. Petersburg herself,” said Yevgeny Finkelshtein, the president of PMI Corporation, RIA-Novosti reported.

He did not give a figure for the fee.

Madonna will be performing on Paratroopers Day, a notoriously rowdy holiday when servicemen usually gather on Palace Square. They may be moved to the Field of Mars, Finkelshtein said.

The 50,000 tickets go on sale March 16, costing from 2,000 rubles ($55).

source : moscow times