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Madonna News - March 2009

Madonna’s Greatest Hits Album to Include New Songs

Calling all Madonna fans! The Queen of Pop is coming out with a long-awaited greatest hits collection this fall.

‘We’re hoping to have a greatest hits package come out in September,” the singer’s longtime publicist, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE. “We’re all very excited about it.”

With so many hit songs to choose from over her long career, the singer’s manager, Guy Oseary, asked fans on Twitter Tuesday which tunes they think should be included. “Working on Madonna’s greatest hits album,” he wrote. “Any tracks that you think MUST be on?”

Still, the new album won’t only feature songs her fans know and love. “Madonna does have plans to go into the studio to record a few new songs for this album,” says Rosenberg.

The greatest hits album will be Madonna’s last with Warner Records, with whom she sold more than 200 million albums. In October 2007, she ended her 27-year relationship with the label when she signed a reported $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation.

source : people

A Rod talks about Madonna

from Details magazine:

“Well, we’re friends,” Rodriguez says. “She’s an amazing entertainer. And it’s been amazing how she’s been able to stay on top for three decades. I have a lot of respect for her.” He says he’s enjoyed their conversations, and her counsel. “She’s very smart,” he says, “and she’s passionate about everything she does.” Rodriguez can’t name anything specific he’s asked Madonna for advice on, “but if there ever was any situation, she’s a great ear to have, you know?”

Their meeting was not, as some have speculated, arranged by Guy Oseary, who represents them both. “I met her about 12 years ago in Miami, believe it or not,” he says. “That’s how we know each other. I was trying to buy her house, and I couldn’t afford it.”

Madonna may adopt another child from Malawi

Pop star Madonna has said she may adopt another child from the poor southern African country of Malawi despite the controversy surrounding an earlier adoption.

Critics accused the government of skirting laws that ban non-residents from adopting children in Malawi, which has been badly hit by the AIDS epidemic, after Madonna took on David Banda.

“Many people — especially our Malawian friends — say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” she said in response to emailed questions from Malawi’s the Nation newspaper.

“It’s something I have been considering, but would only do, if I had the support of the Malawian people and the Government.”

A Malawian court approved the adoption of David last year.

Madonna has said the controversy had been difficult to deal with but she was happy to be involved in a case that might pave the way for more adoptions in Malawi. An estimated one million children in the country have been orphaned by AIDS.

Madonna, who began adoption proceedings in 2006, took David when he was 13-months-old after his father had placed him in an orphanage following the death of his wife.

David is growing up in the high-flying life of a leading popstar, worlds away from his village of Lipunga, where Banda’s relatives eat staple food like maize meal from simple bowls and meals are cooked on open fires.

Madonna said she wanted to keep him connected to his homeland.

“It is a big priority for me to educate my son about the world, but always to stay connected to his Malawian culture,” she said.

“He has a big map of Africa in his room with lots of arrows pointing to Malawi.”

Madonna said her divorce from film director Guy Ritchie would not deprive their children of either parent.

“I believe in family. So, everything between us is very amicable…we both agree that our children should always feel a deep connection with both their parents. It is our responsibility to give them that foundation,” she said.”

source : reuters

Tracy Anderson: Madonna is such a perfect pupil

Meet Tracy Anderson: the personal trainer who has finally silenced the scariest lady in showbiz. For the past three years, Madonna has handed all control of her body over to this size six slave driver – in return, Tracy has given her the most talked-about physique on the planet. ‘People say to me, “Madonna must really boss you around” and I tell them “No! She’s the most docile, sweet, quiet little student”,’ laughs Tracy. ‘She’ll follow everything I want. Madonna never slacks off. She’s like a gym nerd.’

Tracy’s method requires nothing less than total submission from Her Madgesty. ‘I said to her, “I’m going to be bringing crazy equipment into your house, and you can’t work with anyone else”,’ explains Tracy. ‘So she dropped all her other training and committed to me. She doesn’t tell me what she wants to achieve with her body – I tell her,’ says Tracy. ‘She trusts me, so she does it.’

That or Madonna doesn’t have the energy to talk back with Tracy’s schedule of two-hour workouts, six days a week. ‘We do 75 minutes of muscular structure work and 45 minutes of dance aerobics,’ explains Tracy. ‘I change the regime every 10 days. She’s an unbelievable mover so it’s easy for her. I’ve had her in all kinds of crazy positions.’

Madonna’s body has been showcased recently in photoshoots that have split the nation between, ‘Doesn’t she look amazing for 50?’ and, ‘Put your legs together, grandma’. Does it annoy Tracy to hear her creation being attacked?

‘Everyone’s entitled to their opinion,’ she says. ‘As her trainer, what matters is that I like how she looks – and I do. I challenge anybody to see Madonna in person and not want her body. What she’s achieved is not unnatural. If your body looks old at 50, it’s only because you’re not making the effort. Madonna will keep her physique forever because she’ll always keep up my programme.’

To ensure there’s no slip in standards, Tracy restricts her body-honing services to just one other client, Madonna’s best pal Gwyneth Paltrow. ‘She was my first celebrity client, Madonna was my second and that’s just how it’s stayed,’ says Tracy. ‘Gwyneth did her first workout with me then called Madonna and said, “You have to try this, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.’

You might’ve had Gwyneth down as a wet macrobiotic blanket, but according to Tracy she’s the handful of the duo. ‘Gwyneth is cheekier than Madonna, that’s for sure,’ she grins. ‘Some days she’ll be like, “Do I have to do cardio?”’

Gwyn and Madge now have Tracy on a timeshare arrangement (and no, they never fight over who has first dibs). ‘One of them always has priority,’ explains Tracy. ‘I’ll go on tour with Madonna or I’ll be with Gwyneth when she’s preparing for a film, and I’ll video train the other.’

Tracy has a zero-tolerance policy to skiving, even now her star pupils are in peak condition. ‘Would I let them go down to three days a week? Oh no! It’s not healthy to not work out six days a week. I’m obsessed with their bodies. I never stop thinking of how to make them a bit better.’ Now we mere mortals can get a taste of Tracy’s techniques with her new workout DVD. ‘It’s the same dance aerobics formula Madonna and Gwyneth do,’ she says. And yes, you can expect a similar transformation – as long as you’re willing to put in the six-days-a-week graft.

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Another English Roses Book by Madonna

The English Roses: The Runway Rose (Book #9)
Available for pre-order at

Madonna's English Roses Book #9: The Runway Rose

Release date: April 16, 2009
Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN-10: 0142411264
ISBN-13: 978-0142411261

Publisher’s Description:
Amy’s absolutely thrilled when her mum gets her an after-school job working behind the scenes at Marks & Spencer Teen Fashionista week; it seems a perfect opportunity to polish her design skills and cultivate her true passion for fashion! But when a talent scout convinces Amy that she should actually appear on the runway as a model for the big show, things start to fall apart. Suddenly, Amy finds herself hanging with the beautiful people, and her head gets more than a little inflated as a result. What’s worse, she begins ditching the English Roses to hang with her fashionable new friends! The Roses have to wonder if she’s getting a wee bit big for her designer britches! Will Amy abandon her four best friends to follow the fashionista crowd forever?

Pedro Almodóvar on Madonna

Pedro Almodóvar has presented his new film “Los abrazos rotos” in Madrid and he was asked about Madonna and Antonio Banderas and their scene in “Truth Or Dare” (In Bed with Madonna) and he said:

“When she came with her Blond Ambition tour I prepared a dinner for her, and that “little thief” didn’t tell us that everything she was recording was going to be part of her film.”
“Madonna was asking for Antonio Banderas’ phone number all the time, because she wanted to screw him and I never gave it to her. When she went out jogging she always had her six bodyguards and I told her: “Madonna, babe, this kind of things are not very attractive here in Spain. In this country, that thing about bodyguards is like an offense, nobody is going to shoot Madonna or whoever in Spain. But in United States bodyguards seem to be, like a part of the body of the star.
She asked me if I didn’t have bodyguards and I said “I would only have them to f*ck them”

Thanks to Karbatal (the other shore forum)

Madonna spotted at Britney’s Concert

Madonna made a surprise appearance at Britney Spears’ sold-out Circus show Wednesday in New York City.

Shortly before Spears, 27, took the stage at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, Madonna, 50, arrived with her manager Guy Oseary (and several bodyguards) and headed to one of the VIP suites.

“She purposely walked up the main stairs in front of everybody so they would all notice her,” an insider told “Celebrities definitely don’t need to go up the main stairs to get to their suites.”

During the 90-minute show, Spears gyrated her way through mostly tunes from her last two albums, Circus and Blackout.

Madonna left right before Spears’ encore of “Womanizer.”

As hordes of screaming fans gathered around her, Madonna had a little smirk on her face.

source : us weekly

Madonna and Guy reached a custody settlement over kids

Madonna and Guy Ritchie last night reached a custody settlement which will allow their kids to live in the US.

The singer and Brit movie director, who divorced last year, have been locked in a fight over sons Rocco, eight and David Banda, three.

The pair were heading for a New York court showdown yesterday because Guy wanted them raised in the UK.

But lawyers agreed a last-minute deal that allows Rocco and David to live with Madonna, 50, while Guy, 40, will get regular visits and see the children in the UK during holidays.

source : the sun

Madonna in Cut-Rate Concert ?

Pop star Madonna will be paid her “lowest-ever” fee for a concert in St. Petersburg in August, the concert’s promoter said Wednesday.

The singer will perform on Palace Square on Aug. 2 as part of her “Sticky & Sweet” tour. She won’t visit Moscow.

“It will be the lowest fee in the whole history of Madonna. Madonna really will receive little. She wanted to come to St. Petersburg herself,” said Yevgeny Finkelshtein, the president of PMI Corporation, RIA-Novosti reported.

He did not give a figure for the fee.

Madonna will be performing on Paratroopers Day, a notoriously rowdy holiday when servicemen usually gather on Palace Square. They may be moved to the Field of Mars, Finkelshtein said.

The 50,000 tickets go on sale March 16, costing from 2,000 rubles ($55).

source : moscow times

Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour To Stop In Russia

Madonna fans, we are happy to announce that Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour will stop at St Petersburg’s Palace Square on August 2nd.

Please note that a devoted fan club presale will start on March 12.

The public ticket sale will start on March 16th at 10am local time.

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Jesus’ mother denies Madonna slur

Jesus Luz’s mother Christiane has denied criticising her son’s relationship with Madonna.

Christiane was recently quoted as saying she believes the megastar “kidnapped” Jesus and is controlling his every move. However, she now says this is not what she thinks.

“All I will say is that I was misquoted. I don’t know Madonna, but I know my son, and I know him to be very sensible. I think he knows what he’s doing. I would like to hear from him more, yes. But boys his age don’t report everything they’re doing back to their mothers, do they?” she told Hello! magazine.

Christiane also refuses to stand by published accusations that Madonna was “brainwashing” her son in the ways of the Kabbalah. “That’s all been blown out of proportion. I guess this is what happens when normal people get caught up in someone else’s crazy world.”

Pet Shop Boys were suppose to produce Hard Candy

from PopJustice Blog (Thanks to Ericka):

Yesterday Pet Shop Boys gave media the chance to pre-listen to “Yes”, their forthcoming new record, in London, for review purposes only and, after the album listening, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys frontman) held a Q&A session with reporters.

One of the several questions they asked was about Pet Shop Boys latest (scrapped) collaborations and Neil shockingly stated that after remixing “Sorry” in 2006, they were contacted again by Warner, in 2007, and asked to write & produce some tracks for an album Madonna was planning at the time (which later became “Hard Candy”)

Sadly, the same week Warner’s changed mind and according to Neil own words “we got told to forget it as they decided to shove her down the r&b route” Neil stated Parlophone asked them to write for Kylie’s “X” as well, before deciding to send Minogue out to other producers instead (one of the tracks featured on “Yes” (titled “Pandemonium”) was actually written & demoed for her, along with other 5 cuts)