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Pedro Almodóvar on Madonna

Pedro Almodóvar has presented his new film “Los abrazos rotos” in Madrid and he was asked about Madonna and Antonio Banderas and their scene in “Truth Or Dare” (In Bed with Madonna) and he said:

“When she came with her Blond Ambition tour I prepared a dinner for her, and that “little thief” didn’t tell us that everything she was recording was going to be part of her film.”
“Madonna was asking for Antonio Banderas’ phone number all the time, because she wanted to screw him and I never gave it to her. When she went out jogging she always had her six bodyguards and I told her: “Madonna, babe, this kind of things are not very attractive here in Spain. In this country, that thing about bodyguards is like an offense, nobody is going to shoot Madonna or whoever in Spain. But in United States bodyguards seem to be, like a part of the body of the star.
She asked me if I didn’t have bodyguards and I said “I would only have them to f*ck them”

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