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Tracy Anderson: Madonna is such a perfect pupil

Meet Tracy Anderson: the personal trainer who has finally silenced the scariest lady in showbiz. For the past three years, Madonna has handed all control of her body over to this size six slave driver – in return, Tracy has given her the most talked-about physique on the planet. ‘People say to me, “Madonna must really boss you around” and I tell them “No! She’s the most docile, sweet, quiet little student”,’ laughs Tracy. ‘She’ll follow everything I want. Madonna never slacks off. She’s like a gym nerd.’

Tracy’s method requires nothing less than total submission from Her Madgesty. ‘I said to her, “I’m going to be bringing crazy equipment into your house, and you can’t work with anyone else”,’ explains Tracy. ‘So she dropped all her other training and committed to me. She doesn’t tell me what she wants to achieve with her body – I tell her,’ says Tracy. ‘She trusts me, so she does it.’

That or Madonna doesn’t have the energy to talk back with Tracy’s schedule of two-hour workouts, six days a week. ‘We do 75 minutes of muscular structure work and 45 minutes of dance aerobics,’ explains Tracy. ‘I change the regime every 10 days. She’s an unbelievable mover so it’s easy for her. I’ve had her in all kinds of crazy positions.’

Madonna’s body has been showcased recently in photoshoots that have split the nation between, ‘Doesn’t she look amazing for 50?’ and, ‘Put your legs together, grandma’. Does it annoy Tracy to hear her creation being attacked?

‘Everyone’s entitled to their opinion,’ she says. ‘As her trainer, what matters is that I like how she looks – and I do. I challenge anybody to see Madonna in person and not want her body. What she’s achieved is not unnatural. If your body looks old at 50, it’s only because you’re not making the effort. Madonna will keep her physique forever because she’ll always keep up my programme.’

To ensure there’s no slip in standards, Tracy restricts her body-honing services to just one other client, Madonna’s best pal Gwyneth Paltrow. ‘She was my first celebrity client, Madonna was my second and that’s just how it’s stayed,’ says Tracy. ‘Gwyneth did her first workout with me then called Madonna and said, “You have to try this, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.’

You might’ve had Gwyneth down as a wet macrobiotic blanket, but according to Tracy she’s the handful of the duo. ‘Gwyneth is cheekier than Madonna, that’s for sure,’ she grins. ‘Some days she’ll be like, “Do I have to do cardio?”’

Gwyn and Madge now have Tracy on a timeshare arrangement (and no, they never fight over who has first dibs). ‘One of them always has priority,’ explains Tracy. ‘I’ll go on tour with Madonna or I’ll be with Gwyneth when she’s preparing for a film, and I’ll video train the other.’

Tracy has a zero-tolerance policy to skiving, even now her star pupils are in peak condition. ‘Would I let them go down to three days a week? Oh no! It’s not healthy to not work out six days a week. I’m obsessed with their bodies. I never stop thinking of how to make them a bit better.’ Now we mere mortals can get a taste of Tracy’s techniques with her new workout DVD. ‘It’s the same dance aerobics formula Madonna and Gwyneth do,’ she says. And yes, you can expect a similar transformation – as long as you’re willing to put in the six-days-a-week graft.

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