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Madonna News - May 2009

‘Filth And Wisdom’ Release In Italy And Sweden

Italian and Swedish Madonna fans, please note that ‘Filth And Wisdom’ will get a theatrical release in your country within the next few weeks.

The movie will be released in Sweden on May 15 and under the title of ‘Sacro e Profano’ in Italy on June 12.

Please check your local listings for more details.


Demand for Madonna Tickets Overloads Outlets

Madonna and Britney Spears fans looking to buy concert tickets through ticket-vendors Lippupiste and Lippupalvelu faced jammed phone lines and glitches with internet booking services on Monday.

Last week, concert orginisers announced that a further 5,000 tickets would be released on Monday for megastar Madonna’s summer concert in Helsinki. Two thousand of the tickets were for the best seats at the concert stadium.

Tickets for Madonna’s concert went on sale at Lippupiste ticket outlets on Monday morning. Ticket prices range from 99 to 119 euros. Concert organisers decided to release additional tickets due to exceptionally high demand.

Madonna will take the stage in front of 80, 000 die-hard fans at Jätkäsaari in Helsinki on August 6th. Her show is the largest public event ever to be staged in Finland.

Her phenomenally successful “Sticky & Sweet Tour” is the top grossing tour in history for a solo artist.

Britney Spears’ “Circus Tour” will be staged at the Helsinki Arena on July 16th.


Rumour: Madonna to set up trust fund for Mercy

Madonna is reportedly working on setting up a trust fund to help four-year-old Mercy James even if she fails to adopt her.

The singer allegedly wants to ensure a fine upbringing of the Malawian tot even if she cannot bring her to her home.

“Madonna loves Mercy. She wants to be part of her life and provide for her,” News of the World quoted a source as saying.

The source added: “She wants to make sure Mercy has everything she needs in life and her dreams are fulfilled.”

The Queen of Pop had been preparing to bring home Mercy but her application was rejected by a court.

The 50-year-old was told prospective parents had to be resident in the African country for 18 to 24 months prior to an adoption a requirement that was waived when she adopted three-year-old David Banda in 2006.

The singer later lodged an appeal to overturn the judges decision, and her legal team is currently in the middle of a battle for their client’s right to adopt in the nation.

source: ani

Rumour: Madonna to end Sticky & Sweet Tour in Israel

After long and agonizing negotiations, pop queen Madonna has finally confirmed she will be stopping in Israel this October as part of her successful Sticky and Sweet Tour.

The singer will put on a one-night performance, but her trip to Israel will last a few days during which she will visit various sites.

According to speculations, Madonna will be landing in Tel Aviv a week before her show and stay in Israel during Yom Kippur.

The 51-year-old artist’s visit to Israel was not part of the original plan. The Sticky and Sweet Tour was launched last year and saw jam-packed halls around the world.

After the tour Madonna announced that she planned to start working on a new record, but rising demand from her fans around the world led the singer to extend her tour to European locations this summer.

It should be noted that Madonna has wanted to perform in Israel a number of times in recent years, but due to funding problems, was unable to do so.

Even now, there is a chance that the show may not go through, since Israeli promoter Shuki Weiss and German producer Marek Lieberberg are still looking for commercial sponsors to fund the costly performance.

The two have been holding intensive talks with telecommunications provider Orange, but an agreement is yet to be signed.

The Sticky and Sweet concert includes over two hours of Madonna singing her greatest hits from throughout her career, and a gypsy section with symbols from Judaism displayed on a large screen in the background.

source: ynetnews

Russia fears “Blasphemous” Madonna

Russian Officials fear Singer Madonna’s forthcoming concert in St. Petersberg will wreak blasphemous havoc.

The pop diva is set to perform in front of the Hermitage Museum in the main square of St. Petersberg, however authorities are demanding the 50 year old to vow not to cause any trouble at her show.

Mikhail Piotrovski, the director of the museum has already labeled the show as ‘a natural disaster’, he went on to say, “We want guarantees that there will be no blasphemy,” Madonna will also be forced to sign an agreement that will bar her from playing her music too loudly.

source: ani

Rumour: Mercy James’ dad – Madonna is a moral-less person

The father of the little girl Madonna wants to adopt says the star’s wardrobe means she is not fit to be Mercy’s mum.

The singer, 50, put on bunny ears, a revealing minidress and thigh-high boots to attend New York’s biggest fashion night on Monday. She was accompanied by her on-off toyboy Jesus Luz, 22.

But Mercy James’ dad James Kambewa – who has never met his daughter – says he and many in his country of Malawi were deeply offended by the get-up.

James, 24, told a newspaper: “I cannot imagine how this woman can want to be the mother of my Mercy.”

“This can’t be a woman of 50. A teenage woman would feel ashamed in that gear.”

“A woman is supposed to be a role model for her daughters.”

“What morals can a woman of 50 have, who has no qualms in showing her delicate parts and displaying herself like that in front of her children?”

“I don’t want my daughter anywhere near such a moral-less person.”

Meanwhile, The Sun can reveal that Madonna will campaign to change the law if her bid to adopt is blocked because she is single.

She fears she may lose her appeal to take home Mercy, three, as her marriage to Guy Ritchie is over.

A source said yesterday: “If she fails on the grounds of her divorce she will be absolutely livid.

“Madonna has always been a tough independent woman and is now, more than ever, of the opinion that she doesn’t need a man for anything in her life.

“If she falls at the last hurdle because of her marital status, it will be hard to swallow. She is already talking about starting a campaign for single mums to be allowed to adopt the world over.

“She believes if you have love to offer, the fact you are divorced, widowed or unmarried should not be seen as a barrier.”

Another pal said director Guy, 40, feels “very guilty” that their split may derail the adoption.

The star’s appeal against a court refusal to let her adopt Mercy began on Monday. A decision is due in the next two weeks.

source: the sun

Thoughts on Madonna’s Met-Gala Outfit

The L.A. Times thought Madge looked “ready for Neverland … like the love child of Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.” The paper asks if Madonna’s hat was wackier than the one Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the Sex and the City movie premiere in London. We’d say so, but what say you? [Dish Rag/LAT]

The London Times said the ball “ensured many new entries into the best and worst-dressed celebrity lists,” and cited Madonna as the “worst offender.” Her bunny ears made her “look more like a glamorous cleaning lady than a fashion icon.” [Times UK]

British Marie Claire noted without comment that Madonna’s outfit “brought out her 80s side,” and suggested the pop star used it as a distraction from the difficulty she’s having adopting Mercy James from Malawi. The magazine also notes that Jesus Luz, who attended as Madge’s date, looked “super suave.” [British Marie Claire]

The Insider writes that many “what the hell were they thinking” looks walked the carpet last night. André Leon Talley’s was the worst, but Madonna looked no less ridiculous, they argue, in her “Alice in Wonderland Louis Vuitton mess.” [Insider]

The Daily Mail proclaims Madonna, Rihanna, and Stella McCartney the worst fashion disasters of the night. “[Madonna]’s bizarre mini-puffball outfit, thigh-high dominatrix style boots and starched fabric headdress from Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection saw her veer into the realms of pantomime as she looked less like a Material Girl and more like a bonfide A-list fashion disaster.” Surprisingly, this paper was one of the few that still noticed Madonna’s “rippling muscles.” And some of us still remember Madonna as the original First Arms. [Daily Mail]

source: nymag