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Lady Gaga ‘Humbled’ By Madonna Coming To Her Show

If you think that Lady Gaga has gotten used to being a pop superstar, think again. No one was as surprised as the New York City native herself to see that the Queen of Pop, Madonna, took some time out of her busy schedule to catch the “Poker Face” singer’s show at New York’s Terminal 5 on Saturday.

“I was very humbled that Madonna came to the show,” Gaga told MTV News on Monday. “And I had been hearing all week that she was going to come, and I was like, ‘Oh, OK,’ and I didn’t want to talk about it or tell anyone ’cause I thought it was kind that she would want to come at all.”

What made it even more surprising for Gaga was that she didn’t think Madonna had any idea who she was, despite her hit songs and performance on “American Idol” earlier this season. But what really pleased the singer was seeing that Madge made her concert a family night.

“I was really excited to see that [Madonna’s daughter] Lourdes was there, and that made me really happy ’cause during the show I noticed some beautiful spirit of a girl dancing,” she recalled. “And I didn’t know who it was and I just kept waving to her.”

It wasn’t until the set was over that she learned that the girl was Madonna’s daughter. “Then when the show was over, I said, ‘Oh, there’s this sweet, young girl up there, and she was dancing her pants off.’ And someone said, ‘Lourdes had green pants on.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, it was Lourdes and she was dancing.’ It really got me going. [Madonna’s] a good mom, so it’s nice.”

Gaga will also be happy to hear that the legendary singer slipped out unnoticed. “I was hoping and praying she would get out safely,” she said. “If she got spotted she would have been trampled like the queen she is.”

source: mtv

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Madonna’s adoption case in Malawi adjourned

Malawi’s Supreme Court of Appeal adjourned indefinitely on Monday a case in which Madonna is attempting to adopt a second child from the African country.

Malawi’s High Court ruled last month the U.S. pop star could not adopt a four-year-old girl, named Mercy James, because she was not a resident of Malawi. She appealed against the ruling.

Malawi’s government came under fire after Madonna adopted a 13-month-old child, David Banda, in 2006, with critics accusing it of giving her special treatment by skirting laws that ban non-residents from adopting children.

source: reuters

Dad To Madonna: Don’t Adopt My Girl

The Malawian man thought to be the biological father of a four-year-old girl Madonna hopes to adopt says he’s opposed to it.

The pop superstar’s appeal of a judge’s decision rejecting her attempt to adopt Chifundo “Mercy” James is slated to be heard Monday, reportedly by Lovemore Munlo, the Chief Justice of the poor southern African nation.

In an Early Show world exclusive, James Kambewa tells correspondent Priya David, “I want to take care of her and I’m capable to take care of my baby. … Mercy, she is a Malawian — so (I) need her to grow as a Malawian, as well with our culture.”

Kambewa, who wears a necklace he made bearing his daughter’s name, has never held or even met her, and says he’s only seen her “in newspapers and TV, not face to face.”

The interview will be featured in an Early Show three-part series about Madonna’s adoption starting Monday.

Lucy Chekechiwa, Mercy’s maternal grandmother, says she remains conflicted about the matter, telling David the orphanage has been determined. “I did not want my granddaughter to be adopted,” she says, “but because they have been persistent enough, I have been forced to let my granddaughter go.”

Madonna already adopted a son, David, from Malawi.

That nation requires prospective parents to live there 18 to 24 months while child welfare authorities assess their suitability. That rule wasn’t applied when Madonna was allowed to take David to London in 2006.

The judge in a lower court said Madonna’s previous adoption was the only case in which the residency requirement had been waived, and said she was concerned that doing so again could set a precedent that could jeopardize children.

The judge said she wasn’t questioning Madonna’s intentions, and praised the work the singer’s charity has done to feed, educate and provide medical care for Malawi’s orphans.

Madonna recently told a newspaper in Malawi that she wants to educate Mercy and empower her to help people in Malawi.

“I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and health care possible,” she said in an e-mailed response to questions from the Nation. “And it’s my hope that she, like David, will one day return to Malawi and help the people of their country.”

source: cbs

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Guy: here we are.. last day in the studio with Madonna for greatest hits album…
Guy: shes doing vocals.. i cant promise she will twitter.. so hold off on all the questions and messages..
Guy: sitting next to the queen.. anything you want to tell her?
Madonna : @joaobcarvalho ive been reading a book called “the other hand” by Chris Cleave.. I’m also reading “outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell -M
Madonna : @kevinkeveney i had so much fun.. i love working with steven meisel.. love marc jacobs.. -M
Madonna : @agulovesmadonna thank you for your prayers.. -M
Madonna : just finished in the studio..can’t wait for you to hear the finished product. Have a great weekend!!!!!!! -M
Madonna : im here with jesus.. @jesusluz is a fake.. jesus is not on twitter..
Madonna : sitting here with Jessica Seinfeld. one of my favorite people. she wants me to learn how to cook… -Madonna
Madonna : @mrdraco i am smiling while I stir!..-M
Madonna : @Jezebel816 hay while the sun shines…-M
Madonna : @alanorlando as long as it’s kosher..-M
Madonna : @LadyHAHA tell us a joke..
Madonna : @andersoncooper Thanks for locking us out the other night. Real Nice. Love, Jessica and Madonna
Madonna : @jon_favreau take care of our girl if you know whats good for you.. -Madonna and Jessica
Madonna : @israelhenriques shabat shalom.. see you on tour.. -the queen
Guy : ok.. shutting down.. goodnight..
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Guy: back in the studio with Madonna..
Guy: she hasnt seen any of your tweets.. ill let you know when she is on.. it may not happen today.. ill do my best.. shes singing right now
Madonna: here i am.. what you got for me? -M
Madonna: thanks for support.. fingers crossed all will go well with Mercy.. -M
Madonna: aaronnyc@ i don’t hate anyone. horses don’t like surprises. they are very sensative animals
Madonna: @perezhilton what is this rubbish about me dumping my children off for the summer while Im on tour? They go where i go.-M
Madonna: @boxofboom electronic music/electro house… -M
Madonna: @PerezHilton always check with the Queen first! MMMMMMMMMMMM
Guy: closing up shop!.. tomorrow is last day in studio for a while..