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Madonna News - June 2009

Tracy: Madonna is a ‘great example’ to women

Madonna’s personal trainer says the singer’s dedication to fitness makes her a “great example” to all women.

Tracy Anderson – who also works with Madonna’s close friend Gwyneth Paltrow – believes the ‘4 Minutes’ singer’s toned and athletic body is justified because of all the time she spends maintaining it.

She said: “Madonna is an athlete. That’s what I try to hammer into people’s heads, people who criticise her for training two hours, six days a week. She’s just like a baseball player or soccer player.

“She’s a great example. It’s heart-wrenching to me what is said in the press sometimes because it couldn’t be more inaccurate. Why take someone who is an incredibly good example and just say lots of negative things?”

Tracy also revealed she makes Madonna and Gwyneth work out for at least six days a week otherwise they won’t feel the benefits.

She added to Stella magazine: “Anyone saying that you can change on just three days a week is as bad as any scam diet book because it’s just not true.”

Rumour: Madonna bought a new house in New York ?

Everything about Madonna is larger than life, from her record sales to her glittery costumes, to her recent legal battle to adopt a child in Malawi, to the price she paid for a 57-foot-wide town house on the outer fringes of the Upper East Side.

Brokers scoffed at her foolishness when it was reported that she was in contract to buy a sprawling Georgian-style town house in the sticks, a k a far East 81st Street, for $40 million. The place was nowhere near the elite homes of Fifth Avenue, beyond the lower-status Lexington Avenue and many blocks from the hallowed soil of Central Park.

But last week, when she closed on the purchase, it turned out the hard-working Material Girl, sweating her way through another world tour at age 50, had not lost her street smarts. The rock star, born Madonna Louise Ciccone of Bay City, Mich., actually received a significant discount. She paid only $32.5 million, according to brokers briefed on the transaction.

The final purchase price works out to a 28 percent discount from the $45 million price tag of the original listing, by Louise Beit of Sotheby’s International Real Estate. The property was listed last October, after the death of the longtime owner, Louise H. Saurel.

Wendy Maitland, a broker at Brown Harris Stevens who has represented Madonna in the past, declined to discuss the transaction.

The sale would still make it the highest town house sale in the anemic first half of 2009, but not out of line with recent sales of much smaller town houses in that neighborhood.

Last year at the peak of the market, a 19-foot-wide town house on far East 78th Street sold for $9.5 million, or about $2,750 a square foot. The price per square foot paid by Madonna in a weaker market was about the same, but one could argue she got a lot more in the deal.

With 57 feet of street frontage, her new mansion is one of the widest town houses in Manhattan, combining what appear to have once been three separate town houses. According to the listing, the house has 26 rooms, including a 38-foot-wide drawing room and 13 bedrooms. There are 9 fireplaces, 11-foot ceilings and, in the rear, a 3,000-square-foot garden. Who needs Central Park when your backyard is park size?

If the house isn’t big enough, its size can be doubled under current zoning, and unlike those precious buildings on Fifth Avenue, it is situated beyond the purview of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. In any event, with a two-car garage on the premises, the new owner could whisk her children to the park by limousine in about as much time as it would take to go by elevator from a Fifth Avenue penthouse to the lobby.

Madonna's new house in New York

source: new york time
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Rumour: Madonna to perform on MJ Tribute Concert ?

The show will go on for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour.

The announcement was made at a June 26 memorial gathering for Jackson, held by the tour’s cast and crew.

According to a tour organizer, one performance will now be held in September and will be a replica of what was planned for “This Is It” in London.

High-profile singers are expected to perform in place of Jackson. Among them, possibly Madonna, who was expected to appear at one of Jackson’s shows in London. A firm decision has not been made as to where the tribute concert will take place, but it’s likely to be in Los Angeles.

source: msn