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Madonna’s concert in Poland outrages Catholics

Several Catholic organizations throughout Poland are calling for cancellation of the Madonna concert on 15 August due to the fact that it is the religious feast day of the Assumption of Mary.

“Madonna cannot sing on the day of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,” claims member of the Mazowiecki regional assembly, Marian Brudzinski. “We are calling for a moral stand in Warsaw. A protest committee is being formed to organize parishes,” added the regional representative.

“It harms our religious sentiment. Besides that, Madonna’s performances are anti-Christian,” states Krzysztof Zagozda from the Unum Principum Catholic Society, who initiated the protest. Zagozda added that the fact that the concert is organized on the Catholic feast day is a distinct attempt to stir controversy.

Former Warsaw Solidarity chaplain, Father Stanislaw Malkowski, shares Zagozda’s opinion: “It must be revealed who is responsible for this. The Church and nation should protest loudly.”

“We will do everything so as not to allow this scandal to take place,” added Brudzynski, a former member of League of Polish Families. The protest committee is scheduled to meet next week and will gather signatures throughout parishes and send formal declaration of protest to the concert’s organizers as well as the main sponsor,, an internet auction portal.

The committee is appealing to the Minister of Interior and Administration, Grzegorz Schetyna, and concert organizers to cancel the event.

“If that does not work out, there will be a massive picket at the concert. We want to stifle Madonna,” warns Brudzynski.