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Tracy: Madonna is a ‘great example’ to women

Madonna’s personal trainer says the singer’s dedication to fitness makes her a “great example” to all women.

Tracy Anderson – who also works with Madonna’s close friend Gwyneth Paltrow – believes the ‘4 Minutes’ singer’s toned and athletic body is justified because of all the time she spends maintaining it.

She said: “Madonna is an athlete. That’s what I try to hammer into people’s heads, people who criticise her for training two hours, six days a week. She’s just like a baseball player or soccer player.

“She’s a great example. It’s heart-wrenching to me what is said in the press sometimes because it couldn’t be more inaccurate. Why take someone who is an incredibly good example and just say lots of negative things?”

Tracy also revealed she makes Madonna and Gwyneth work out for at least six days a week otherwise they won’t feel the benefits.

She added to Stella magazine: “Anyone saying that you can change on just three days a week is as bad as any scam diet book because it’s just not true.”