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Madonna News - November 2009

Confessions… #29 on Times’ 100 best pop albums of the Noughties list

29. Confessions on a Dancefloor – Madonna (Maverick, 2005)

Anointing Stuart “Les Rythmes Digitales” Price as her voguish producer du jour, Madge approaches her sixth decade with the slinky chutzpah of a 19-year-old club kitten. From the Abba-sampling Hung Up to the turbo-charged feminist floorfiller Jump, this is her best album since True Blue.
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Rumour: Madonna was in the studio last month

…Madonna also had work done in PatchWerk’s Studio 9000 this past October. Madonna had songs mixed by Leslie Brathwaite, assisted by PatchWerk engineer Brian Pedersen. In September 2009 Madonna released Celebration, her third greatest hits album, and closing release with Warner Bros. Records. It contained the new songs “Celebration” and “Revolver”, plus 34 hits spanning her career.

source: thehypemagazine / madonnafanzine

Rumour: Madonna dons bullet proof vest in Brazil

Madonna insisted on wearing a bullet proof vest during her visit to a Rio de Janeiro slum even as she was accompanied by a squad of bodyguards.

The state governor also gave company to the 51-year-old hitmaker, reports the Daily Express.

Madonna stayed in the shanty town for nearly 40 minutes.

The star is trying to raise funds from local businessmen to aid a children’s charity there.

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Madonna’s Photos on auction

By Helmut Newton: and David LaChapelle

The sale is in London, on Saturday November 21st at 5pm (noon EST). You can also register to bid on the telephone or bid online through live auctioneers. For more info visit

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Madonna’s Demo Tape on Auction

Have you ever had a burning desire to own a pair of Michael Jackson’s beaded socks? How about a suit tailor-made for John Lennon when he was a Beatle? Or you might like a size 42 jacket Elvis Presley wore in the film “Speedway.” If you’re in the market for a used car, how about a black 1985 Mercedes that once provided a royal ride for the King of Pop?

…Another unique item is a demo tape an unknown performer named Madonna made in 1979 to send to record companies in an attempt to get a recording contract. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, it’s just Madonna, her music unadorned by post-production magic and elaborate orchestration. The songs on the tape include “All My Love,” “Hear Me” (a song that evolved into “Shine a Light”), “Simon Says” (which became the familiar “Love Express”) and “Little Lost Boy.”

Madonna's Demo Tape on Auction

Julien estimates the tape will bring $1,000 to $2,000, noting that the Material Girl still holds the copyrights to all the songs.

Those items are among hundreds of rare rock relics being auctioned off this Saturday, Nov. 21, by Julien’s Auctions at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square in New York City and online at

source: msnbc

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Madonna raises $11 mln for Malawi charity

Madonna has raised 11 million dollars from Brazilian millionaires for her Raising Malawi Foundation, the daily Rio O Dia reported on Monday.

The US pop star, who visited Brazil to stroke the country’s wealthy into giving, notably won an unspecified pledge from the country’s richest man, mining magnate Ike Batista, who has an estimated fortune of 7.5 billion dollars.

Madonna, 51, was accompanied during her fund-raising by 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus de Luz, whom US and British gossip pages have referred to as her “toy boy”.

Her Raising Malawi Foundation, started in 2006, finances humanitarian projects in Malawi, the southern African country where Madonna has adopted two children.

source: afp