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Madonna News - March 2010

Rumour: Madonna to direct Lourdes ?

Madonna is fixing for daughter Lourdes to make it in the movie business by giving her a role in her new film.

Madge starts shooting the flick about Edward VIII in London this summer and a source said: “She’s arranged a small role for Lourdes.”

“It’s not a significant part but it will give her a good taste of life in the movie business.”

“Lourdes has made it clear she wants some kind of career in the entertainment industry and her mum is more than happy to help.”

“She’s already an incredible dancer, thanks to years of classes and she’s also been having singing training.”

The Sun

Madonna ‘Material Girl’ Muse

Madonna debuts a new, fast-fashion junior collection exclusively at Macy’s this August called “Material Girl,” and the Material Mom tells ET that her daughter Lourdes serves as her muse for the collection!

“I’ve used fashion to make statements through my work all my life and now I have a 13-year-old daughter who’s obsessed with fashion, so it seems like the natural progression of my life,” she says. “If you’re a Material Girl, you’re a girl with a sense of humor.”

The Material Girl collection consists of edgy apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry, all inspired by music and much of Madonna’s early fashions, with plenty of studs, layering and lace — and even a bustier.

“I trust [Lourdes] because she has great style,” Madonna tells ET, adding that her daughter makes most of the decisions about the collection. “We rarely disagree when it comes to clothes, I have to say. That’s why most of my closet is being raided on a regular basis.”

Watch ET Monday for more of Madonna’s interview!

Madonna on ET

source: ET

Sticky & Sweet Tour – The Independent Review

This CD/DVD package drawn from Madonna’s 2008 tour makes for an instructive comparison with last week’s White Stripes release – a similarly-formatted package, but otherwise as far removed from this experience as their Canadian locations are from the Argentina show documented here.

This is entertainment as rally, a spectacle which presumes that if you pack in enough dancers, props and videos, it would be downright rude for the audience to remain unentertained. But “Vogue 2008” reveals the deception: for all the multitude of crotches (literally) spread about the stage, this is as unenticing as pop gets, utterly lifeless despite the fervent activity. For the first hour, the show relies heavily on Madonna’s crotch, which she thrusts and strokes assiduously, as if she had only just discovered it. The saving grace of the two-hour performance comes when she’s joined by the beardy, fiddling geezers of the Romany folk group The Kolpakov Trio, for a sequence incorporating “La Isla Bonita” and Lloyd-Webber’s “You Must Love Me” and “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” – the latter unaccountably omitted from the CD, but lapped up by the Buenos Aires crowd. For a few minutes, it’s as if real life had intruded upon her fantasy world – even though the rustic presentation is just as much artifice as all the other set-pieces.

Download this: La Isla Bonita 2008; Like A Prayer 2008

2/5 stars