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Madonna News - June 2010

Stuart Price on Kylie/Madonna

…She doesn’t trade on sympathy, she trades on dance tunes, happy things. She really doesn’t want people to worry about her. She doesn’t like a fuss. She’s very contained. So unlike Madonna.

Stuart Price, having worked with them both, told me that they are almost opposite personalities: “Madonna has a much more aggressive and determined approach. Kylie is much more instinctive.” Madonna likes to show off and quote from Kabbalah. Kylie’s intelligence is far less self-conscious. Kylie says she’s porous, by which she means she takes in other people’s moods and absorbs them.


Madonna’s New Message

Dear Friend,

So many of you helped bring Light to the situation in Malawi — thank you.

Over the last several weeks the world has focused on this small African nation where a couple was sentenced to 14 years hard labor for the “crime” of homosexuality. After worldwide outrage the decision was overturned and the couple is now free!

It is my hope that this is just the beginning of our global community coming together to bring justice to Malawi.

Seven years ago I could not locate Malawi on a map. Since then, this small African nation has become the center of my world — capturing my heart and transforming my life. Let me tell you how.

It can be overwhelming at times knowing that Malawi is home to over two million orphans and vulnerable children due to HIV-AIDS and extreme poverty. The tragedy that exists there, with children left to raise other children, is very real.

Despite the unimaginable conditions, there is a hope and a determination in the people of Malawi that is nothing short of contagious. Every trip to Malawi I leave feeling more inspired by the progress and more hopeful than before.

With the smallest actions, I have witnessed enormous change — and that’s why I’m inviting you to continue to help me transform Malawi.

Watch the video of the transformation beginning in Malawi:

The construction of the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls is just one example of the life changing projects happening right now in Malawi.

I am asking you to partner with me. I know that, together, we will raise Malawi.

Thank you for your support.



James D’Arcy joins Madonna’s ‘W.E.’

Brit James D’Arcy will star in “W.E.,” Madonna’s second directorial effort.

D’Arcy takes center stage as King Edward VIII in the biopic about the affair between the British monarch and Wallis Simpson that led to Edward’s abdication of the throne to marry the American divorcee in 1936.

D’Arcy joins Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac in the pic, which Madonna penned with Alek Keshishian, who directed the queen of pop in 1991’s “Madonna: Truth or Dare.”

Riseborough, best known for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the BBC drama “The Long Walk to Finchley,” will play Wallis, while Cornish and Isaac limn a couple in the present day.

Cornish is Wally, a woman in a loveless marriage, who meets Isaac’s Russian character, Evgeni at a Sotheby auction. Her belief in Wallis and Edward’s great love provides the backdrop for the tales of both romances.

Former Miramax exec Colin Vaines will produce the pic, which will begin shooting in Blighty on July 4, while Kris Thykier, producer of “Kick Ass” and “Harry Brown,” will executive produce.

Vaines said he feels good about the “fresh, young” cast now on board the project, which previously had Vera Farmiga and Ewan McGregor attached.

“We’ve found the right cast for this picture,” said Vaines. “The addition of James is wonderful as he’s got such charisma and possesses a regal quality that he can capture. There was a real chemistry between him and Andrea.”

D’Arcy has previously appeared in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World,” “Flashbacks of a Fool” and “An American Haunting.” He stars alongside Sean Bean in the upcoming “Age of Heroes” and recently wrapped helmer Nikos Tzimas’ “The Flight of the Swan.”

Vaines exec produced “The Young Victoria” and “Gangs of New York.”


Guetta: ‘I was unlucky with Madonna’

David Guetta has suggested that record label issues may prevent the release of his collaboration with Madonna.

The DJ and producer confirmed to The Guardian that he and Madonna recently wrote and recorded a track together.

Guetta said: “It’s a tricky situation, because she’s now out of a record deal. We don’t even know what’s going to happen with it. It’s a huge record, so it’s really frustrating.”

“The track is part of the Warner deal, but it’s not on the album, so why would they invest any money in it? I was really unlucky with that one.”