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Madonna News - June 2010

Lady Gaga talks Madonna, again

I think Madonna is great. She’s been a wonderful friend, very kind and supportive, and amazing. She’s such an incredible woman and… I get compared to so many people and we all get compared to each other, whether we’re blond, brunette, black, white, straight, gay… but on another level it’s kinda funny, because my Mother looks very much like Madonna and the older I’ve got the more I look like my Mother. So, sometimes I just wanna say, “It’s not my fault, I look like her!”

Did you have fun doing that skit on SNL with her ?

Yeah, I did! She’s great. We had a blast, we were laughing… We were both driving everyone crazy … rehearsing over and over and over again and SNL just wanted us to go get ready for the show…and we kept going… She is so great… There’s no bad comparison to Madonna, she’s so wonderful… and there can never be another Madonna, so I have to think of even more ways to annoy and shock everyone, because she has done everything.

Madonna rep denies surgery report

Madonna’s publicist has shot down reports the pop superstar is planning an extensive cosmetic overhaul this summer, insisting there is “no plastic surgery on her calendar”.

The Material Girl turns 52 in August, and is rumoured to be preparing herself to go under the surgeon’s knife in a bid to look younger.

British tabloid reports suggest the singer has booked herself in for an eye lift, lip and cheek fillers, breast implants and Botox.

But according to Madonna’s spokesperson, the only thing the star will be scrutinising over the summer is her upcoming movie about the abdication of British monarch Edward VIII.

The rep tells, “Madonna is directing a movie all summer. (There’s) no plastic surgery on her calendar. (It’s) all fiction.”