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Madonna News - July 2010

Madonna’s rep slams smoking speculation

Madonna’s spokesperson has rebuked speculation the Material Girl has started smoking again after she was snapped holding a cigarette, insisting it was just a prop for her new movie project.

The pop superstar has stepped behind the camera to direct W.E., which tells the story of Britain’s King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne after falling in love with American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Filming began recently and Madonna headed to France earlier this week to direct a number of shoots.

She was snapped on location holding a cigarette and a lighter, prompting reports she had taken up smoking again, a habit she quit when she was younger.

But a spokesperson for Madonna has told Britain’s Daily Mail the gossip is not true, insisting the singer was merely holding a prop cigarette for one of the stars of the movie.


Tom Hardy on meeting Madonna

British actor Tom Hardy was so starstruck after meeting Madonna on the set of Rocknrolla, he hid in a car to escape the pop superstar.

“She left me starstruck. I did what anyone who can’t deal with the situation does: I went and hid in the Range Rover.

“I was sort of prepping for the scene in there and someone said hello to me and it was her – she’d somehow managed to get into the back of it!

“Then we had a conversation, which I’ve completely blacked out because there she was like the Mother Mary in the boot (back) of the f**king Range Rover and I was completely starstruck.”

But Hardy insists he wasn’t attracted to the star: “She’s just someone’s mum to me and she looks like a ghost. I didn’t see her as a sexual creature. There was a time when I really would’ve gone there but since (she appeared in) the Justin Timberlake video, leaping over cars and things, I just think: ‘Enough now.'”


Rupert Everett on Madonna

In his autobiography he said his friend Madonna could be ‘like a whiney old barmaid’. Now she is an ex-friend.

He still doesn’t see what all the fuss was about. ‘I went over to her house and read the book to her. At the time she seemed fine about it. But she never reacts in front of anybody. It was only later on that I found the damage had been done.

‘I thought I’d been very nice about Madonna. I think she’s an amazing character. I was sweet about her in my book. I still admire her. But she’s a saint now, she’s beyond human contact. Her great friend told me a very clever thing: “Everybody thinks they’re Madonna’s best friend and they’re not.” ‘

Daily Mail

Taylor Momsen Talks Madonna

WWD: What was your reaction to being chosen as the face of Material Girl and what does that role entail?

T.M.: I was ecstatic to be asked. It’s such an honor. It’s Madonna. I was kind of shocked. She’s amazing. The role entails doing the launch of the line on Aug. 3 at Herald Square. And I’ll be tweeting and talking about the line. We did a photo shoot for the first pieces of the collection. It’s a really great line. It’s really cool.

WWD: Were you a fan of Madonna? What songs of hers are your favorites? And what about her influence on fashion?

T.M.: All her songs are so great. They’re so well crafted and really perfect, pure, pop genius. I’m a big fan of “Papa Don’t Preach.” I love that song. But really all of it is fantastic. She was the one who did it all first. She gave people like me an avenue to do what I’m doing. She was the one who started all the controversy to begin with. I’m a big fan of all kinds of vintage looks and altering them and making them modern. I don’t know if I copy anything directly, but I like to mix and match and play around a lot.

WWD: What has it been like working with Madonna on the shoots?

T.M.: We worked on the photo shoot together, and Lourdes was there too. Lourdes and she styled it, along with myself. We collaborated on putting the pieces together and finding the right look for each shot. She was very down to earth. It was nice to see after all her success, she’s still very grounded. It was cool to see her interaction with Lourdes. She’s a cool mom. She shot a couple of the photographs herself at the end. She definitely has a vision and was very hands-on. It was really easy working with her. She’s very comfortable to be around — very professional but a lot of fun. I’m very opinionated, so it was nice to work with someone who has such a direct vision and see how they accomplish that.

WWD: Have any of Madonna’s specific looks or periods inspired your own personal style?

T.M.: Personal style is just that — it has to be personal. There are things that are inspiring and can give you ideas, but I don’t really look at one person or one era. You have to make it unique to yourself. I don’t really emulate anything in particular, I take from all different places.

Full Interview at WWD

New Material Girls Press Release

Macy’s today announced that the new “Material Girl” collection, designed in collaboration with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes (Lola), launches on Tuesday, August 3, exclusively in 200 Macy’s stores across the country and on Customers who shop first will enjoy special giveaways and a chance to win Madonna-autographed tees at select stores (see participating store list at bottom).

The first 200 customers to line up at six Macy’s locations will receive a free bandeau top from the “Material Girl” collection and a $10 Macy’s gift card to shop the collection that day. Customers can also celebrate Madonna by dressing in their favorite look inspired by the Material Girl herself. Die-hard fans who line up between 10 AM – 12 PM on August 3 will also have a chance to receive a Madonna-autographed “Material Girl” tee at select stores. In addition to the bold fashion and accessories the “Material Girl” collection offers, Macy’s will host Madonna-inspired events in select stores on August 3 to engage eager fans and fashionistas. Customers are invited to join in the fun as select Macy’s host afternoon dance parties featuring Madonna beats, exclusive giveaways and delicious treats.

“The launch of ‘Material Girl’ at Macy’s on August 3 will create a frenzy among young style-setters who will want to be the first to have this bold new fashion brand from Madonna and Lola in their closets,” said Martine Reardon, executive vice president of marketing, Macy’s. “Madonna is a legendary fashion icon, and Lola has a great sense of style that reflects her global fashion view. The national unveiling of this collection will be an incredibly exciting moment.”

To celebrate the launch of Material Girl on August 3rd, singer/songwriter Taylor Momsen, the celebrity muse and face of the “Material Girl” marketing campaign, will make a special appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City from 5 to 7 p.m. Lucky consumers and fans will be able to watch Momsen in a live acoustic performance in the juniors department on the 4th floor followed by a photo opportunity with a $50 Material Girl purchase. Additionally, select Macy’s stores across the country will host Madonna-esque in-store events to engage and entertain loyal fans and fashionistas nationwide. Macy’s Herald Square’s world-famous Broadway windows will also be transformed into a “material world” filled with hot new product from the “Material Girl” collection.

A fast-fashion juniors collection, “Material Girl” will span multiple categories including apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry. The brand is designed to appeal to today’s Material Girl – a spontaneous and fearless individual who invents her own fashion trends and is never afraid to make a bold statement. The brand caters to her eclectic taste in music, dance and Hollywood. Designed for affordability and
replenishment, the collection will retail from $12.00 to $40.00, comparative with pricing strategies at juniors specialty stores.

If you want to be a “Material Girl,” or want more information on the line, Lola’s blog and a chance to meet the Material Girl herself in NYC, visit


Taylor Momsen talks on becoming Madonna’s Material Girl

Madonna and daughter Lourdes “Lola” Leon recently launched their clothing line – Material Girl – and the face of the brand, “Gossip Girl” star Taylor Momsen, said the pair are very hands on.

“Lola was here all day and she helped style the shoot and I worked with her to put the outfits together. She’s a sweetheart,” Taylor said for an interview with Material Girl Clothing. “Madonna came a little bit later and she’s totally awesome. She’s very down to earth for all her success so that was… it was good to see that.”

Taylor revealed that Madonna even leant her hand to the styling of the clothing shoot.

“Madonna totally came in and intervened and re-did everything and positioned everything and put it into her own vibe,” Taylor said. ” I think we [have] a very good working relationship… I think it went well.”

The actress, who is taking a break from “Gossip Girl” while she tours with her band, The Pretty Reckless, said fronting the brand, available next month at Macy’s, is something she is thrilled to do.

“I’m psyched to be the face of Material Girl,” Taylor said. “It’s awesome. For one, it’s Madonna so it’s gonna be cool and it’s really an awesome experience so far. We just finished shooting and the clothes are awesome.”

Taylor revealed her favorite pieces from the collection are “all the bandeaus.”

Fans will get a chance to see the wears next month.

“There’s an event for the launch and unveiling of Material Girl on August 3 at Macy’s in New York City, so that’s gonna be very exciting,” Taylor said. “It’s the first time that anyone’s going to ever see the line. It’ll be great.”

Access Hollywood

Raising Malawi denies concert reports

“This past weekend, reports circulated regarding a Raising Malawi benefit concert in Blantyre, Malawi. These reports are entirely false;
Raising Malawi and Madonna have no plans to host such an event.”
via Facebook

Rumour: Madonna to move back to Britain

The singer – who relocated from London to New York following her divorce from film director Guy Ritchie in 2008 – is currently in London directing her new movie ‘W.E.’, about late British monarch King Edward VIII’s decision to abdicate the throne for his American divorcee lover Wallis Simpson.

Despite originally planning to only stay for the six-month shoot, Madonna has rediscovered her love for the UK capital and told ex- husband Guy she wants to move back to Britain for good.

An insider told the Daily Star: “Guy says she talks about their home in Wiltshire, the kids and their friends in London. She seems nostalgic for her old life. She had built up a big circle of friends and fell in love with London. She’ll always love New York but she feels more at ease in London.”

Madonna – who has four children, Lourdes, 13, Rocco, nine, Mercy, five, and four-year-old David – is believed to be keen to move back to Britain so she can reconnect with her old friends.

The source explained: “The person she spends most time with is her daughter Lourdes but she is desperate for more adult company.”

Madonna, 51, previously said she fell out of love with the UK because she couldn’t stand being referred to as ‘Madge’, her British nickname.

She said: “That’s one of the reasons I left England – so I don’t have to hear the word ‘Madge’ anymore. Some people say ‘Madge’ is a colloquialism for a boring middle-aged housewife. And other people say it’s short for Majesty.”


Rumour: Madonna planning a ‘Live Aid’ concert in Malawi

Madonna is planning a huge Live Aidstyle charity concert in Malawi which will be shown on TV around the world.

The 52-year-old Material Girl singer has called in favours from showbiz friends including U2 frontman Bono to perform at the Walk Out of Poverty gig in September.

A source at her Raising Malawi charity said last night: “Plans are in place to make this the biggest fund-raiser the world has ever seen.”

More than 60,000 fans will get free tickets for the concert at a stadium in Blantyre, poverty-stricken Malawi’s largest city, but TV rights and merchandising will rake in millions.

The source added: “Madonna is throwing everything into it. She knows the bigger the event the more money will be raised.”