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Madonna News - August 2010

Britney plays Madonna in Glee episode

Britney Spears had big shoes to fill while filming her upcoming guest appearance in Glee – she played the part of Madonna in a recreation of the pair’s Me Against The Music video.

The Toxic hitmaker will be the centre of attention on the hit musical show when it returns for a second season, with a full episode dedicated to her music, and she began shooting her cameo role this week.

During the second day of filming on Thursday, Spears donned a white trouser suit similar to the outfit worn by the Material Girl for the promo of their collaborative 2003 track, while Heather Morris, who plays Glee member Brittany, took Spears’ part in the re-imagining.

Britney plays Madonna in Glee episode

Madonna sued over ‘Material Girl’

A clothing company is taking legal action against Madonna, claiming the material girl has ripped off the “Material Girl” trademark.

L.A. Triumph, Inc. claims in a new lawsuit it’s been marketing “Material Girl” clothing since 1997, selling millions of bucks worth of threads under its trademark.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, Madonna, aka Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, has jacked the name “Material Girl” for her junior clothing line Material Girl Brand — which launched this year.

L.A. Triumph wants a declaration from a federal judge that Madonna’s use of “Material Girl” creates “deception” in the marketplace.

In addition to the declaration, L.A. Triumph wants the judge to order Madonna and her company to turn over all of the profits they’ve made from their clothing line.


Joan Rivers mocks Madonna

Joan Rivers has ridiculed Madonna on her twitter page for getting ”old”.

The 77-year-old comedienne attended the pop superstar’s 52nd birthday party at London’s exclusive Shoreditch House over the weekend and has now taken to her twitter page to mock her friend.

Joan jokingly wrote on twitter: “I was just thinking: Madonna sure is getting old. I should have taught her a new birthday game – “Pin The Tail On The Coroner.” Next year”

The blond star also made fun of Madonna’s multicultural family in another “light-hearted” post.

She cheekily tweeted: “I went to Madonna’s birthday party. Wow! The cake had 52 candles on it, one for each child she’s stolen from Africa.”


Liz Smith: Will Lady Gaga Play Lady Madonna?

The media is constantly comparing M and G. And naturally placing Madonna in the “envious older star” category and Gaga as the “image-snatching copycat.” But even so, fans of both are dying for the singers to collaborate on something.

“Sources” say there could be a video pairing, like the one Madonna did with Britney Spears and Gaga did with Beyoncé. (Although it might be best if Gaga didn’t kiss Madonna at any point. It’s sort of a pop music urban legend that Madonna and Britney’s kiss at the MTV Awards was the beginning of Britney’s downfall. It was supposed to be Madonna “passing the torch,” but the joke is “she sucked the life from her!”)

Now, a video or a song is always possible between M and G, but the next bit of gossip? Don’t dress and let’s consider the saltshaker. There’s a rumor that Madonna is planning her own biopic and that she’s chosen Gaga to interpret her life…

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Share your birthday message with Madonna


Today is Madonna’s birthday. Her dedication to the 2 million orphaned and vulnerable children of Malawi has inspired so many of us. So this year, for her birthday, we wanted to honor her by saying, “Thank you.” 
Join Raising Malawi in sharing a birthday message with Madonna now.

Madonna – 5th Most Downloaded Artist at Ovi Music

Millions of Madonna fans across the world will be celebrating the Queen of Pop’s 52nd birthday today, and download trends from Ovi Music show the Material Girl is still as popular as ever with fans around the world.

Nokia’s trends snapshot reveals Madonna is the second most popular female solo artist, according to downloads by fans using Ovi’s unlimited track download service – beaten only by Lady Gaga, 28 years her junior.

Top 20 Most Downloaded Artists World Wide:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Michael Jackson
3. Jay Chou
4. The Black Eyed Peas
5. Madonna
6. Rihanna
7. Beyoncé
8. David Guetta
9. Eminem
10. U2
… Queen, Britney Spears, Shakira, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Green Day, P!nk, Robbie Williams, Akon, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey

Madonna Downloads by Country:
Brazil (16.77%), Finland (16.60%), Mexico (15.86%), China (11.77%), UK (10.06%), Singapore (7.50%), Germany (5.13%), Australia (4.30%)m Russia (3.88%), Italy (2.20%)

Madonna’s Most Downloaded Songs:
1. Celebration
2. Revolver (Madonna vs David Guetta One Love Remove (feat Lil Wayne)
3. La Isla Bonita
4. Like a Virgin
5. Hung Up
6. Like a Prayer
7. Papa Don’t Preach
8. Sorry
9. 4 Minutes (featuring Justin Timberlake and Timberland)
10. Material Girl

The research was based on downloads made by users of Ovi’s Unlimited music download service since launch. The survey finished on 10 August 2010.
Ovi’s unlimited music download service is available in 36 countries around the world.

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Rumour: Madonna go slow, Lourdes in W.E. ?

Actors who sign up for Madonna’s movies can forget about getting home in time for tea.

The singer is taking ages to shoot scenes in her role as director for new flick, W.E. – which she also co-wrote.

According to sources on set, Madge over-analyzes every single shot, resulting in some extra long days on location.

Lead actress Abbie Cornish knows that better than most. It took three hours to shoot her in a bath scene – she must have looked like a prune by the end.

It must’ve been even more frustrating for cast members who had to hang around because the scene will only last ten seconds in the film.

Madge has given her daughter Lourdes a cameo in the flick.

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Sofia Vergara Slams Madonna for “Looking Like a Freak”

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is not totally opposed to plastic surgery, but she does draw the line.

“L.A. is crazy. The women all look the same now,” the Emmy nominee, 38, tells Esquire magazine. “That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.”

Vergara admits she may one day tweak her eyes. She also once considered a breast reduction, but her mom talked her out of it by telling her, “God is going to punish you if you cut them.”


Madonna Power Helps at Macy’s

Macy’s delivered a July fireworks show for investors yesterday – with a little help from Madonna.

The nation’s biggest department store reported a better-than- expected 7.3-percent increase in July same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year.

While other retailers, including rival JC Penney, were singing the back-to-school blues with sluggish monthly sales reports, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren said the season is “off to a great start.”

Lundgren cited the “phenomenal launch” of the new “Material Girl” fashion line, designed by Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes. Aimed at teenage girls, the 1980s-inspired line will include clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

On Tuesday, Macy’s launched the collection at the company’s flagship store on Herald Square with a performance by pop star Taylor Momsen, who drew throngs of girls dressed up like Madonna. Macy’s shares yesterday rose 34 cents, or 1.8 percent, to $19.78.