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Madonna News - September 2010

Madonna is coming to Macy’s!

Macy’s and Madonna invite you to the Material Girl VIP party!
Join us for the hottest ticket in town as Madonna, Lola, and Taylor Momsen rock the party at Herald Square on September 22!
Be one of the first 350 customers to make a $75 Material Girl purchase beginning at store opening on 9/19 and get your V.I.P pass to this star studded dance party!

Macy’s Herald Square in Juniors on 4
Wednesday, September 22nd at 6:30pm

Madonna and Cruise were first choices for Goodfellas

Studio chiefs were desperate to cast Cruise in the role of mobster Henry Hill and Madonna was wanted to play his wife – until Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco won over Scorsese and the movie’s producers.

Speaking to GQ magazine on Goodfellas’ 20th anniversary, producer Irwin Winkler admits, “Tom Cruise was discussed. Marty wanted Ray… Frankly I thought we could do a lot better and then me and my wife were having dinner one night in a restaurant and lo and behold, Ray Liotta came over to me. He said, ‘Look, I know you don’t really want me for it, but…’ And he sold me on the role right that evening. I called Marty the next morning.”

Bracco beat out Madonna for the role of Karen Hill, despite Scorsese initially favoring the Material Girl.

Fellow producer Barbara De Fina says, “Madonna seemed to be in the mix. I remember that we went to see her in the play Speed-the-Plow. Marty said hello to her afterwards. Can you imagine? Tom Cruise and Madonna? But Marty can get a performance out of almost anyone.”

Adam Ant on Madonna

AA: “…And there’d be no Gaga without Madonna so let’s put it in f*cking perspective…”

I: I love Lady Gaga, though. You talk about dressing up, and she’s the only person right now really doing that…

AA: “Yeah she’s good, but Madge was doing that when I was doing it, you know? I saw Madonna outside the Music Machine before she even made it. I was doing a gig with the band in like ’79. There was this chick outside from New York going ‘I’m going to be a star’ and it was her! And she’s got some f*cking balls you know? She’s done as much as Dietrich did for f*cking Hollywood stars. She’s gone in and said ‘Alright. I’ve been raped. Someone f*cking stuck his dick in my gob in a back alley. I got up from that and I went in there and I had a big fight. And I won.’ She f*cking won, good luck to the woman. You know? And Gaga, great. Nice girl. What can I say. Because I know how hard it is to dress different every time. I do try to wear something different at all those gigs you see me at, but it’s hard. You’ve got to buy something every f*cking day. I understand Gaga because she’s intelligent, good media worker, very good songwriter – almost kind of classical. She interests me. But Lily Allen is the best f*cking lyricist in the last decade. That ‘Oh and I lie here in the wet patch/in the middle of the bed…’ I mean, I wish I’d f*cking written that.”


Little Girl leaked

recorder for ‘Music’

Set To Right leaked

recorded for American Life Album