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Madonna News - February 2011

Chris Ciccone on Gaga’s Born This Way

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has lashed out against Gaga’s new single claiming it is too similar to one of his sister’s hit tracks.
Talking to Radar Online, the Queen of Pop’s brother said: ‘ “All I can say is ‘What the f***!’ when asked to comment on the new song.
‘It sounds just like Express Yourself – I can’t believe it to tell you the truth,’ he added.

Madonna to preview W.E. this Saturday!

Madonna, the pop singer-turned-director, will be in Berlin this Saturday to present footage from her W.E. to overseas distributors.
Sales agent IM Global will be screening clips to around 200 invited guests but has held back from making any pre-sales until now. This is a tactic which IM Global used successfully before with A Single Man.
“We think distributors are going to get a huge buzz out of the quality of what they will see,” IM Global CEO Stuart Ford tells me. “Sometimes there’s no substitute for letting the footage and the filmmaker speak for themselves.”
W.E. stars Abbie Cornish as a modern-day New Yorker obsessed with the royal love story between Britain’s King Edward VII (James D’Arcy) and American divorcee Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough). The pic is still in post and will be for several months.

Travis Payne on meeting Madonna

In a new interview with Chris Yandek of, celebrity choreographer Travis Payne shares his stories of working with Madonna and how she didn’t know the game of the chess. Travis worked with Madonna on the Power of Goodbye video. The song was featured on the Material Girl’s Ray of Light Album. The game of chess is featured in the video. Payne says Madonna didn’t know how to play the game. The dancer first met Madonna in Mexico when her tour and Michael Jackson’s tour were taking place at the same time.

“She was very about the business, very to the point and very cordial in that working environment… She didn’t know how to play chess. It was a chess game in the video that we were creating and she didn’t know how to play chess or at least she said she didn’t and she wanted me to show her how to play chess. So I was showing her what I knew and it was pretty cool. We pulled it off. I had met her before in Mexico, but we never worked together. She was doing The Girlie Show and I was on tour with Michael for the Dangerous Tour. So all of the dancers would go back and forth to each other’s shows while we were there together that week and I met her first there at one of her concerts.”

Guy Oseary denies DVDs Rumours

“Madonna will not be at Grammys. I have no idea where the rumor of a live dvd box set is coming from. I’m not against doing it.. just not true…
The update is that Madonna can’t wait to get into the recording studio.. This will happen as soon as she finishes the movie she directed…”
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Rumour: 3 Madonna Concert DVDs on the way

MadonnaTribe can exclusively reveal that not only one but three Madonna tour concerts are going to be released on home video in the near future.

Not only the long-awaited Blond Ambition Tour is now set for release on both DVD and Blu Ray but also the whole Virgin Tour concert and a remastered Girlie Show!

These are new releases Warner had been working on since a while, and time has finally come to hit the stores.

Rumour: Madonna’s Blond Ambition DVD

For Madonna fans it’s the closest thing to the Holy Grail – and it’s coming our way soon.
The notorious Blonde Ambition world tour – arguably her best – is set to be released on DVD.
My source tells me: “It’ll be later in the year – the wheels are in motion.”