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Madonna News - January 2012

Abbie Cornish: Madonna loaned Rings to W.E. Star

Madonna loaned Abbie Cornish her jewellery to wear in new movie ‘W.E.’ including her wedding rings from her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie.
The Australian actress felt “connected” to her director because of her willingness to use her own gems in the movie, including the bands she wore during her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie.
Abbie told Style magazine: “She would bring a box of her own jewellery and handpick stuff for me to wear. Almost every piece I wear in this film was hers. Cartier and Bulgari earrings, necklaces, bracelets. She has an incredible collection.
“I wore both her wedding rings from her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. They were beautiful – white gold and diamonds. Every morning she’d bring them in and I’d put them on. It was nice to have that ritual and feel connected to her.”
Meanwhile, Madonna has revealed she used to orchestrate group sing-a-longs on the set of the movie when they had downtime.
She said: “We would make up songs when we were waiting for the weather to change for outdoor shots.
“When it’s pouring down with rain and you’re shooting outside stuck in some grey, dirty shack waiting for the sun to come out, what else can you do?”


Rumor: Kylie to duet with Madonna?

Please let this come true! I hear Kylie Minogue has huge plans for 2012 – including a dream duet with her pal Madonna. This year will be big for Kyles when she celebrates 25 years in the music biz and plans are afoot for a big ITV special celebrating her career. Apparently the plans include more than one duet. My source tells me: “There will be lots of duets. The plan so far is for a duet with her sister Dannii, Nick Cave, Jason Donovan and a finale featuring a duet with Madonna.” The ladies have worn T-shirts with each other’s names on in the past – so they clearly think they’re both tops!

Sunday Mirror

JFK Jr. asked Madonna to pose as his mother

She was almost the First Lady Madonna.
John F. Kennedy Jr. asked the Material Girl to dress up as his mother for the cover of his magazine, George, but Madonna declined, insisting she would “never do [Jackie O] justice,” according to a new book.
“We’ll have her in a pillbox hat, sitting on a stack of books,” JFK Jr. told his assistant, RoseMarie Terenzio, author of the memoir, “Fairy Tale Interrupted,” which chronicles her five years as John John’s confidante and publicist until his untimely death in 1999 at the age of 38.
In the summer of 1996, JFK Jr. asked Terenzio who should grace the cover of his September “Women in Politics” issue.
Terenzio suggested then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, but JFK Jr., who co-founded the magazine in 1995, had a different idea.
“I think we should dress Madonna up as my mother,” he said. “Wouldn’t that be a riot?”
Terenzio thought he was joking; Madonna was then at the height of her bad-girl image.
She warned him it would create a media “s–tstorm.”
And although Terenzio insists it wasn’t among her concerns, the cover would have undoubtedly raised eyebrows given JFK Jr.’s once-rumored romance with Madge, who was often compared to his father’s reputed paramour, Marilyn Monroe.
“If it doesn’t bother me, why should it bother anyone else?” Kennedy said.
So they drafted a letter to the “Like a Virgin” singer, asking her to pose as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
The next day, Madonna faxed her handwritten response, flirtatiously addressed to “Johnny Boy.”
“My eyebrows aren’t thick enough, for one,” she offered.
“When you want me to portray Eva Braun or Pamela Harriman, I might say yes!” she wrote, referring, bizarrely, to Hitler’s mistress and the British socialite who married New York Gov. W. Averell Harriman and Winston Churchill’s son Randolph.
JFK Jr. eventually tapped actress Drew Barrymore for the cover, portraying, ironically, Monroe in her legendary white halter dress singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”
Terenzio, whose book is due out on Jan. 24, says there was nothing untoward at the time of the fax between the Material Girl and the heir to Camelot.
In fact, later that month, JFK Jr. married his longtime girlfriend, Carolyn Bessette.

JFK Jr. asked Madonna to pose as his mother