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Madonna Changes Name of New Song Due to Joe Francis Lawsuit

Joe Francis preached about his “Girls Gone Wild” trademark, and apparently Madonna listened.

The Material Girl released her thumping new dance track “Girl Gone Wild” Monday, and Francis is taking credit for its slightly modified name after sending a sharply-worded cease and desist letter before the iconic singer’s Super Bowl performance.

The song was listed as “Girls Gone Wild” – plural form – when iTunes started taking pre-orders for the superstar’s upcoming MDNA album several weeks ago.

“We won a battle but we didn’t win the war,” Joe Francis told the Daily News on Monday, adding that he also owns the “Girl Gone Wild” trademark. “I actually really like the song, which doesn’t mean anything. It’s business. We’ve been very fair with licenses. And we’ve been talking (with Madonna’s people), and I think we’re going to get somewhere that will be mutually satisfactory.”

David R. Houston, the lawyer for Francis, said negotiations between the two parties have been ongoing.

Madonna’s spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

“This is not personal at all,” Francis said. “I’m flattered, quite frankly, that a brand I’ve developed and created has achieved this level of notoriety.”